Elton John is back with a bang in new SNICKERS ad


Could Elton John, Captain Fantastic, be the personification of a hangry rapper? This SNICKERS ad takes rap battles to a new level.

Elton John is the latest celebrity to take on the SNICKERS ad “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign. In the recently released campaign, Captain Fantastic is the alter ego of the rapper, Boogie. As the rap battle begins, Elton breaks out into “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” While a classic song, it is definitely not the song for a rap battle. Of course, with a bite of a SNICKERS, Elton fades and Boogie returns to the rap battle.

It seems every unlikely that Elton would be a great rap battle champion. While he has had his battle stage moments (remember never to touch Elton’s piano), everyone thinks of the icon in a different light. Saturday might be alright for fighting, but I doubt it would be a rap battle.

Seeing Elton in this SNICKERS ad is quite amusing. Over recent years, the iconic singer/songwriter has seen his persona evolve. Just think about his role in the recent Kingsman movie. Wasn’t it funny to see Elton kung fu kick a bad guy?

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These particular SNICKERS campaigns are usually quite humorous. The idea has mass appeal because it is a well-known feeling. Hunger can cause anyone not to feel like themselves. Whether it is hangry, irritated or something else, that need for something that satisfies is real.

SNICKERS has become that snack that satisfies. It could be the combination of flavors or textures that has such appeal. Fans are loyal to this icon brand.

While this current ad campaign is in the U.K., it would be curious to see what other legends could be in the next ad. Would a football star, basketball player or maybe Kayne be the next “hangry” person? Only time will tell.

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What do you think of the new Elton John SNICKERS ad? Did it make you crave a SNICKERS?