Raise a glass to Cheers Strawberry Lager from Miller High Life and Leinenkugel

Cheers Strawberry Lager from Miller High Life and Leinenkugel's photo provided by Leinenkugel's
Cheers Strawberry Lager from Miller High Life and Leinenkugel's photo provided by Leinenkugel's /

Sometimes beverage collaborations just make sense. It could be the flavor profiles, or it might be the connection between the brands. The special limited release Cheers Strawberry Lager from Miller High life and Leinenkugel is the perfect celebratory beer to end 2023.

Miller High Life is often referred to as the “champagne of beers.” For 120 years, the beer brand has been toasting both momentous occasions and every day celebrations. The brand does not have to be flashy or have to make a splash to get attention. Beer drinkers know what they are going to get whether that beer is poured from a draft or drunk from a bottle.

For Wisconsin natives, Leinenkugel’s has been associated with the Northwoods. The original brewery in Chippewa Falls founded by the Leinenkugel brothers appreciates its connection to all things Wisconsin. While people across the US have come to appreciate that summer inspired shandy, the brewery is more than just a light, refreshing pour. From being a great lake beer to a warm, toasty offering in the dead of winter, the popular brewery offers it all.

To celebrate Miller High Life’s 120 anniversary, the two beer brands are collaborating on a limited edition offering that mimics a classic food and beverage pairing, champagne and strawberries. With this offering, there are no pinkies out or sticky fingers. It is about clean, crisp refreshment for all.

Cheers Strawberry Lager from Miller High Life and Leinenkugels
Cheers Strawberry Lager from Miller High Life and Leinenkugel’s photo provided by Leinenkugel’s /

The Cheers Strawberry Lager blends the two beer brands’ German heritage. The German malt flavors mimic a biscuit’s flakey, slightly bready characteristic. While still being light and effervescent, the “beer” side of this lager is clear. It is not pretentious in any way.

To capture the sweet, juiciness of the strawberries, the beer uses a particular hop to capture that jammy like profile. Without being cloying, it has a brightness that balances out the malty notes. For anyone who loves that Leinie’s Juicy Peach, they will see the connection.

For true Leinie’s fans, they recall the Wisconsin brewery’s Berry Weiss. This award winning beer had a lot of versatility and was even used as a secret ingredient during a Family Reunion cookoff many, many years ago.

The Cheers Strawberry Lager is only available at the J. Leinenkugel’s Barrel Yard at American Family Field. Drafts are available on tap now.

Ready to toast to a great Wisconsin beer partnership? Don’t miss the opportunity to try this special lager before the tap runs dry.

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