Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles prove chocolate and beer are a perfect pair

Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles for elevated snacking, photo provided by Miller High Life
Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles for elevated snacking, photo provided by Miller High Life /

Living the champagne life does not always have to come with an exuberant price tag. Even if some people want to preserve a particular term for only one type of beverage, the reality is that the high life can be enjoyed in various ways. With the new Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles, that combination of favorite flavors in a creative way can be the perfect way to toast to the good life.

Miller High Life has partnered with award-winning chocolatier and entrepreneur Phillip Ashley on Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles. The specialty truffles are infused with the classic beer and favorite beer food pairings. But, these are more than just beer and chocolate. The 6-flavors are unique takes on classic bar food offerings.

The specialty flavors are Grilled Cheese, Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing, Pretzel Praline, Beernut, Buttery Popcorn, and Sweet Potato Fry. Looking at the list, the flavor combinations might not necessarily be the most obvious choices, but they need to be tried. It might be best to just serve these truffles without the names and get people’s honest opinion before they let their preconceived notions take over.

Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles from Miller and Phillips Ashley
Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles for elevated snacking, photo provided by Miller High Life /

Looking at the six flavors, Beernut will quickly become a favorite. Featuring freshly roasted peanuts that have been soaked in the Champagne of Beers, that underlying flavor pairs perfectly with milk chocolate. It might not be the traditional peanut and chocolate combination, but it is one that is worthy of toasting a memorable night.

Another approachable option is the Buttery Popcorn. Who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and popcorn. That sweet, salty, and buttery flavor is always a winner. It might not be like the popcorn in the bowl at the dive bar, but it is worthy of that next movie night.

The most difficult one for people to embrace might be the Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing. While there has been chicken and waffles ice cream and other savory sweet flavor combinations, lemon, pepper, and chocolate are not necessarily the most common option. Granted, chocolate and pepper are a superb flavor offering. Citrus and chocolate are equally delightful. Putting them all together in a single bite is a little different.

This truffle is described as fried chicken ganache infused with lemon pepper seasoning. Before people shake their head, the ganache should be quite good because it has an unctuous quality. While contrasted with the bright, spicy lemon pepper, it offers that delicate balance. Again, try a bite before passing judgment.

The Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles will go on sale May 2 via The 6-pack of truffles are priced at $35.