Merry High Light brings the dive bar vibe to the holiday season

Merry High Light celebrates the holiday dive bar, photo provided by Miller High Life
Merry High Light celebrates the holiday dive bar, photo provided by Miller High Life /

While some people might have favorite ornaments to trim the tree or others might go with a sparse option similar to that iconic cartoon tree, the reality is that the holiday décor needs to have some personality. For beer drinkers, the new Merry High Light is the beacon to alert everyone to open a cold one.

Although Santa might be a little older, Miller High Life has been around for 120 years. Across those decades the Champagne of Beers has seen all types of momentous occasions. It has been part of people’s huge life moments, every day celebrations, and holiday gatherings.

This year, the Merry High Light is a nod to that dive bar culture. While a shag carpet wall or sticky floor is not required, it does celebrate that kitschy element that makes these types of bars special. Instead of worry about being seen, it is a way to celebrate what Miller Time embodies, a great beer with good friends. No one needs impeccable lighting and a lead crystal glass for that.

Merry High Light Christmas Tree
Merry High Light holiday decor, photo provided by Miller High Life /

The Merry High Light includes the following items.

  • A 2.5ft glowing tree
  • The iconic Miller High Life soft cross atop the tree
  • A tree skirt that matches the Girl in the Moon’s iconic striped skirt.
  • Infused tree scent that is mimics of sweet tobacco.

While many people would pay big bucks for this special offering, it is only $120. It is the deal of the century and it does not require any additional “fluffing” like some of those other artificial trees. The item goes on sale December 8 at

Thinking about this particular holiday offering, it is a reminder that celebrations should reflect what personally makes people happy. It could be a simple holiday tree, a great beer, or just a moment to reflect on a full life. No one has to conform to a popularity contest. In some ways, that sentiment is what makes a dive bar and Miller High Life great. Cheers to that.

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