Pizza Hut Reverse Delivery doormat shows gratitude to delivery drivers

Pizza Hut Reverse Delivery doormat holiday promotion, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Reverse Delivery doormat holiday promotion, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

While everyone loves getting those boxes delivered to their door, delivery drivers are working extra hard to ensure everyone gets those boxes. With the Pizza Hut Reverse Delivery doormat, a stop at someone’s front door can equal free pizza.

With so many people looking for those great deals at the push of a button, the delivery services are in overdrive. Add to that scenario the holiday cards hitting the mailbox and even the weekly grocery delivery, it seems that the front door is ringing constantly. While these people might be bringing joy with every box, who is giving them a thank you for the effort.

The Pizza Hut Reverse Delivery doormat looks to be that thank you. As the box gets dropped at the door, the special doormat offers the delivery driver an opportunity to get a free pizza. It is a type of pay it forward moment.

Lindsay Morgan, CMO at Pizza Hut commented, “Many of us look to delivery drivers to deliver joy during the holiday season. This was our chance to give some cheer back in the form of a delicious meal for delivery drivers to enjoy during their busiest time of the year.”

Pizza Hut Reverse Delivery doormat
Pizza Hut Reverse Delivery doormat holiday promotion, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

How does the Pizza Hut reverse delivery doormat work?

According to Pizza Hut, the special delivery doormat has a QR code that “scans directly to where any delivery driver can have the opportunity to redeem a gift card code from Pizza Hut while supplies last.” The offer is available while the codes are available.

On the Pizza Hut website, the codes are available from December 12 to 27 starting at 8:00 a.m. CT. There are 4,000 codes up for grabs, which are available on a first come, first served basis. The promotion officially ends on December 30, 2023.

To get this special Pizza Hut reverse delivery doormat, everyone can request one from There are 50 available per day from December 6 through December 10, 2023. It does not appear that there are any fees associated with requesting a mat, when they are available.

As the holiday season’s pace quickens, everyone gets busier but sometimes the merriment gets lost in the process. That willingness to do a little random act of kindness might be overlooked by checking off that to-do list. It is not that everyone becomes The Grinch, but sometimes that little horny side might poke out its head.

Let Pizza Hut put a little extra cheer on the doorstep. And, if that doormat does not come to the house, consider at least leaving a thank you sign on the door for the delivery driver. After all, Santa is watching, and everyone wants to stay on his nice list this season.

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