Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers pushes the beverage category in a new direction

Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers line launch, photo provided by Gopuff
Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers line launch, photo provided by Gopuff /

For some people, they prefer to drink a serving of fruits and vegetables. While the sippable option might be more palatable, the grab and go choices need to deliver not only great flavor but also good value. With new Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers collaborations get a hearty serving of both components.

Gopuff has launched various food collaborations. From the Good Eat’n plant-based snacks from sports super stars to the Juvee beverages, the products combine pop culture with satisfying food that fills an untapped market.

With this cold pressed juice offering, GoPuff looks to find the balance between an approachable price point and satisfying flavors. It makes the brand’s private label offerings unique within the crowded food space.

Speaking to this offering, Jessica Glendenning, Director of Private Label at Gopuff, “Over the past two years, we’ve leveraged consumer insights to develop several private label brands that break from the mold to bring our customers more of what they love: bold flavors, high-quality ingredients and affordable prices. Today, we’re thrilled to partner with Pure Green, an authority in the cold-pressed juice space, to redefine yet another category. With vibrant flavors, no added refined sugar, and functional ingredients, we know our customers will love the new Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers.”

Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers collaboration
Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers line launch, photo provided by Gopuff /

What are the Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers flavors?

As the one of the fastest-growing cold-pressed juice companies and juice bar franchises in the United States, Pure Green has a wide array of flavors. The company knows how to blend together juices, spices, and herbs to create a beverage that excites the palate. Whether people pick based on flavor, ingredients, or the potential ingestion benefits, there is an option that satisfies every category.

The four flavors are: Immunity Refresher, Energize Refresher, Glow Refresher, and Revive. While the names offer a glimpse into the potential effect, it is the flavor that brings people back for another order.

From the spicy, bright Immunity Refresher’s mango and ginger to the sweetness of the Acerola Cherry and tartness of lime in the Revive, there is an option for every mood or feeling.

While many people are drawn to cold pressed juices, the cost associated with them can be prohibitive. With this offering, the juices are $5.99. Although not necessarily cheap, the cost is more approachable and on par with other offerings available in grocery stores. Given the delivery option, more people might be willing to try the first order. Hopefully, they are a return purchaser.

The new Gopuff x Pure Green Refreshers are available now. They can be ordered online or via the brand’s app.

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