Simple ideas that every holiday party host needs but might not have on the list

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Forever 21)
(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Forever 21) /

While the décor, cocktails and food might sparkle and shine, the holiday party host should not be left looking and feeling like a frazzled mess. Although some people might long to have an abundance of staff and help like a cast member of the Real Housewives franchise, the real world scenario is a little less bougie. Still, a few simple ideas can make anyone feel like the star of the event and look as good as those reality television counterparts.

First and foremost, any and every holiday party host needs to plan. There is no last minute crew ready to sweep in with all the decorations or holiday food feast. Whether it is placing a catering order from a favorite restaurant, streamlining the food to just a few items, or just making the event a cocktail hour, there are many ways to make the gathering more approachable. It is time to leave the tweezers in the cabinet and focus on what makes a party great, conversation with enjoyable company.

Since the focus will be on the holiday party host, she should think about giving herself a boost before stepping into that impeccable outfit. Even if there is a glam squad waiting in the wings, another idea needs to be considered first, hydration.

While many people have that water bottle within reach, the reality is that sometimes a little extra boost can make that glowy skin, vivacious personality, and overall vibrancy shine. Some people are turning to REVIV for that boost. Offering IV Hydration and vitamin infusions, the company can help to recalibrate those wellness goals in a short period of time.

After that hydration boost, the holiday party host can turn to other party must haves. For example, many people might want to bring a gift or a gesture to the event. Why not create a Drizly wish list so that no one gets a bottle of schnapps, which might inevitably collect dust in the back of the cabinet.

The Drizly wish list is an easy way to curate favorite beverages or even create a party list for everyone to bring. Plus, the service delivers those bottles directly to the house. It is a simple solution for everyone involved.

With some pre-party elements in check, and hopefully the food and beverages displayed for everyone’s enjoyment, consider a few extras to ensure a great morning after for guests. A little parting bag or gift can be a great gesture.

Why not set up a station as guests leave with to-go bags. The little gift can include a morning snack, bottle of water, and maybe some TUMS. Sometimes the holidays are full of extra indulgences. Being well-prepared, with items like TUMS and even a few pain relievers, can be a well-received holiday gift.

In the end, a great holiday party host has a to-do list that includes not only the items for a successful event, but also includes ways to give themselves and their guests a little TLC. Isn’t that the best way to capture the merry and bright feelings?