Joel McHale explains why the Drizly gift registry is the ultimate holiday solution

Joel McHale for Drizly gift registry, photo provided by Drizly
Joel McHale for Drizly gift registry, photo provided by Drizly /

The holiday season is always festive but one bad gift can turn a great event upside down. As Joel McHale explains, the Drizly gift registry avoids a potential catastrophe and will ensure top billing on that infamous nice list.

During the holiday season, no one wants to arrive to a house empty handed. Even if the host says nothing is needed, there is that obligatory bottle with a pretty bow that is placed on the entry table.

In other scenarios, some people would prefer to drink their holiday gift instead of another pair of slippers, scented candle, or gift card to that spa no one would dare frequent. The tired phrase of the “thought that counts” needs to be retired or be served with a shot of a powerful beverage to drown out the sentiment.

Luckily this year, the Drizly gift registry solves beverage gifting dilemma. With a push of a button, anyone can create their ultimate wish list and people can shop from those selections. There is no worrying about bringing tequila to a person who only drinks gin. Unlike a wedding registry, no one has to worry that the preferred stand mixer color will be passe in two years. These beverage gifts might be gone before the calendar turns to 2024.

To kick off the Drizly gift registry, the brand partnered with Joel McHale. While his quick wit can bring a laugh, McHale knows a thing or two about food and beverages. Beyond his stint as host of Crime Scene Kitchen, he has enjoyed meals in unusual landscapes, shaken up a few creative cocktails, and toasted to the good life.

Joel McHale for Drizly gift registry
Joel McHale for Drizly gift registry, photo provided by Drizly /

For those people who want to get a taste of what is served in McHale’s house, he created and shared his Drizly registry. His list has both some elevated options and some more reasonably priced bottles.

When asked about his choices, McHale said “sometimes you have to swing for the fences when you create this list. Maybe someone will purchase that bottle of McCallan Sherry Oak 25 year old Single Malt, but I would be just as happy with a bottle of that Bulleit Bourbon.”

As McHale went onto explain, the concept is to take the guess work out of giving. “Having a great bottle, that a person actually likes, delivered to their door is a simple solution. For someone like me who is always traveling, I can push a button and have the bottle delivered with a note. Now I do not have to look like a jerk for not getting a present.”

While no one wants to arrive empty-handed, some people are not necessarily confident in their selections or they might not want to offend a friend by picking a bottle that will just collect dust on a shelf.

McHale shares, “I have a pretty liberal palate when it comes to alcohol. When a friend like Curtis Stone pulls out a bottle of wine, I know it will be dynamite, but not everyone knows what they are doing like he does. The Drizly option can help them.”

Since McHale has learned a lot from his time on Crime Scene Kitchen, it was time to pick his brain on holiday beverage suggestions. He made the following suggestions.

“Around Christmas it is a homemade eggnog, from scratch like my aunt makes, is something that I can drink a whole bowl full. For a more traditional item, a mulled wine with some cinnamon is nice. I never got into pumpkin spice because it is too much milk and I do not think that there are any spices from actual pumpkins.”

While the Drizly gift registry helps to avoid any unfortunate beverage gifting, there can be a time when that errant bottle of wine with the happy reindeer arrives under the tree. What does McHale suggest people do with those less spirited gifts.

He shared, “you can do what my grandma did. Put it out every time people come over and hope that someone would drink it, even though no one touched it. Or, you could spike everyone’s drink one night. I remember back to a white zinfandel with some holiday cartoons that did not get drunk. Several Christmases later, I opened it to see just how bad it was. It was as bad as I thought, and I put is down the drain.”

This year, let no bottle go down the drain, sit on a shelf till it is covered with dust, or passed around like the worst White Elephant gift. The Drizly gift registry is the holiday solution, and everyone can toast to that concept.

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