Cheerios Veggie Blends take cereal in a whole new direction

Cheerios Blueberry Banana Blend, photo provided by Cheerios
Cheerios Blueberry Banana Blend, photo provided by Cheerios /

From the classic, bright yellow box to a sweet, seasonal offering, Cheerios have and will continue to be a staple in many people’s households. With the newest offering, Cheerios Veggie Blends, the iconic cereal opens a new chapter in its history and people are excited to experience that first bowl.

Over the years, cereal has evolved from a simple bowl of grains. In addition to creative flavor combinations, pop culture connections, and food trends, companies have found ways to put nutritional conversations front and center on that shelf.

While there have been innovations in grain type, fiber content, and other ingredient swaps, the Cheerios Veggie Blends take a new direction, putting vegetables into any and every meal.

Each serving of this cereal contains ¼ cup of fruit and vegetables. According to the brand, the blend includes spinach, carrot, and sweet potato.

While Cheerios has had many fruit infused options, blending vegetables in with the grains is a logical extension. These particular vegetables can easily meld with sweet fruit flavors. No one will get a bowl of spinach-Os. Each spoonful will taste like the classic Cheerios that people expect, just with an added ingredient boost.

The new Cheerios Veggie Blends come in two flavors, Apple Strawberry and Blueberry Banana. The cereal is available now, only at Walmart.

Cheerios Veggie Blends
Cheerios Blueberry Banana Blend, photo provided by Cheerios /

What other new General Mills cereals join Cheerios Veggie Blends in 2024?

While many people will be excited to get that first taste of the Cheerios Veggie Blends, there are several new General Mills cereals hitting shelves in 2024. Cheerios will introduce Maple Cinnamon Cheerios Hearty Nut Medley and Honey Nut Cheerios Mini. The Medley is a hearty option with 33g of whole fiber. The smaller sized Cheerios join the other mini cereals available in the line.

In a totally new flavor innovation, the Lucky Charms Berry Swirl has new marshmallow charms and shapes. Combined with strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavor, it is a juicy, sweet offering. This cereal will be available in January.

Other new General Mills offerings include Trix with Marshmallows, Reese’s Puffs Peanut Butter Lovers, and Nature Valley French Vanilla Protein Granola. Check with retailers for pricing and availability starting in January.

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