The simplest way to make a batch cocktail is sitting on the bar shelf

Jim Beam Old Fashioned batch cocktail, photo provided by Jim Beam
Jim Beam Old Fashioned batch cocktail, photo provided by Jim Beam /

From the canned cocktail to the ready to drink, multi-serving bottles, many people are pouring versus shaking their libations. While simplicity has some appeal, a batch cocktail does not require a separate purchase. That favorite liquor bottle on the shelf can turn into that pour and enjoy option.

Certain cocktails and flavors often surge into popularity. It is more than a feature on a menu. A quick glance around a bar might show that everyone is holding that beverage.

While that trend might have some people switching from their favorite libation, some of those cocktails might not be as easy as pour and enjoy. Some brands have bottled that convenience. A stop at the liquor store shows many favorite liquor brands offering that bottled cocktail convenience.

But, for the person who has plenty of liquor bottles sitting on the shelf, transforming that spirit into a batch cocktail is possible. More importantly, it is rather easy.

Recently, Jim Beam shared a couple of batch cocktail recipes. By simply using the liquor bottle, a flavorful, impressive cocktail is waiting to be poured and enjoyed.

batch cocktail Jim Beam old fashioned
Jim Beam Old Fashioned batch cocktail, photo provided by Jim Beam /

Ready to enjoy a Jim Beam batch cocktail?

For anyone who wants to turn that full sized Jim Beam bottle into a batch cocktail, the liquor brand shared some easy ideas. The two suggested ideas bring a warm, cozy flavor that is often appreciated during the winter months.

Spiced Chai Old Fashioned (WITH WHOLE SPICES) – 8-9 servings

  • Pour out 6oz of Jim Beam and set aside for future use
  • Add in 2oz of simple syrup
  • Add 1 vanilla bean, 5-6 cinnamon sticks, 10 cloves, a few pieces of ginger into the bottle
  • Add 12-15 dashes of black walnut bitters
  • Add 1oz of water
  • Shake and store in freezer 1-2 days
  • When ready to serve, add 3-4 ounces of mixture over ice and garnish with orange peel

Bourbon & Maple Mule – 11-12 servings

  • Pour out 7oz Jim Beam and set aside for future use
  • Add 4oz of Maple Syrup
  • Add 18 dashes Angostura® Bitters
  • Shake and store in freezer for up to 1-3 days
  • When ready to serve, add 2oz mixture into a glass with ice and top off with 2oz of ginger beer, .5 ounce of lime juice and stir
  • Garnish with mint sprig or candied ginger

Looking at these two recipes, they can be the blueprint for many ideas. Why not turn that full-sized bottle into a ready to pour cocktail. Over the years, people have infused spirits with fruit flavors or have added spice notes. Why not make a cocktail?

The downside to this idea is that the resulting batch cocktail needs to be drunk within a few days. If there is not a need for several cocktails, it might be better to break out the cocktail shaker or buy one of those other pre-made options.

What is a cocktail hack that makes your life simpler? Is the batch cocktail here to stay?

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