Nix the munchies with these 4/20 food deals before they go up in smoke

Wingstop 4/20 food deals
Wingstop 4/20 food deals / Wingstop

Whether people are satisfying the munchies or just want to save some money on their food order, 4/20 food deals are a tasty reason to place an order. From burgers to chicken wings, all types of restaurants are serving big portions and big savings.

What might have started 4:20 ritual for some California students, April 20 has turned into a moment where many restaurants serve up food deals for their guests. The food might not be infused with special ingredients, but the savings can help curb a voracious appetite. And, no one has to light up to enjoy the benefits of saving a few dollars.


While many people cannot get enough of its new swicy chicken, Smashburger is offering four (4) Classic Smash Singles for $20 on April 20. This deal is a great option to split with a friend or have an extra meal for breakfast on 4/21. Either way, it is a winner.

Jimmy John’s 

While Jimmy John’s is always freaky fresh, those favorite sandwiches are getting a 4/20 twist with the Deliciously Dope Dime Bag. No, the food brand is not becoming a dispensary, but there is a specially curated meal for the occasion.

The special sandwich includes hand-sliced smoked ham and provolone cheese. It is topped with Jalapeño Ranch, XTRA Oregano-Basil, sliced pickles crispy jalapeños and fresh-sliced lettuce and tomato. Of course, it comes with that iconic Jimmy John’s pickle, a bag of Jimmy Chips, and a Fudge Chocolate brownie.

The special Deliciously Dope Dime Bag is only $10. To buy this special offer, use the code DIMEBAG, at checkout.


The love of Popeyes chicken is even greater on 4/20. The quick service restaurant is offer a new Munchies Menu. The special food offerings are just $4.20.

Options on the Munchies Menu include Chicken Sandwich and favorite sides, like Mashed Potatoes, Cajun Fries, and Mac & Cheese. The special Munchies Menu is available for pick-up, only.

White Castle and Impossible Foods

Even though the Harold and Kumar celebration will last far longer than just one day, White Castle is celebration 4/20 with a BOGO Impossible Slider. The deals is available exclusively through the White Castle digital app.


While chicken wings are a great choice to satisfy the munchies, Wingstop has a special offer this weekend. Now through April 21, the “Wingstop Hot Box” is back. The Hot Chili Rub (T.H.C) returns. For those who do not remember, the flavor is a fiery, chili pepper with herbs and spices. Although it will not dampen a buzz, it will wake up those tastebuds.

Insomnia Cookies

Although late night cravings for warm, fresh cookies happen all year long, Insomnia Cookies is offering some big deals this weekend. First, customers can receive a free Classic cookie with a $5 purchase. The offer is available via the App or online.

Additionally, guests can trade a canned, packaged, or sealed food item that is within the best-by date for a warm, delicious Classic cookie. That food swap is one that few can resist.

Del Taco

When the munchies hit, a taco seems to just hit the spot. Now through April 21, Del Taco will offer eight (8) Snack Tacos for just $4.20. In addition, there is a $0 Delivery Fee with any $15 or more order. The offer is available to Del Yeah! Rewards members.

KFC Saucy Nuggets Dispensary

The new KFC Saucy Nuggets have been a huge hit. While that chicken satisfies every day of the week, the KFC Saucy Nuggets Dispensary wants to offer LA locals a special experience. The curate, sensory experience is a new way to look at those tangy, saucy bites. For everyone else, just enjoy some nuggets at a local KFC.

These are just a few of the many 4/20 food deals. Hopefully, everyone satisfies their appetite all day on Saturday.