7-Eleven rolls out new breakfast menu and more ahead of the holiday

7-Eleven summer promotions
7-Eleven summer promotions / 7-Eleven

From the quick trip to escape the backyard chaos to the many miles logged on the road trip, 7-Eleven always delivers quick, efficient, and tasty food and beverage options. With a new breakfast menu and a bevy of other new food choices, there are plenty of reasons to feel grateful for the convenience store on every corner.

As value meals try to prove that lower cost is worth making the drive, 7-Eleven aims to be more than just another low-cost option. It wants to show that the corner store offers the variety, value, and flavor that people crave. From that iconic Slurpee to its always popular pizza, the brand understands that being able to grab and go is vital to keeping people moving.

Ahead of the July 4th holiday, 7-Eleven added several new breakfast menu items and beverage choices. The new food and beverage additions are: Breakfast Skillet Taquito, Philly Cheesesteak Taquito, Personal Breakfast Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, and 7-Select Zero Sugar Juice and Tea.

The Personal Breakfast Pizza will quickly become a new favorite. While another “General Store” is known for its breakfast pizza, other brands do not venture into this flavor arena.

The 7-Eleven Personal Breakfast Pizza is a 5-inch pizza made with a biscuit crust. It is topped with savory gravy, sausage, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Whether enjoyed with coffee, energy drink, or even a Slurpee, it is a great choice.

Also, for the first time ever, this personal pizza will be available for 7NOW Delivery. It might make that early morning after a late night a little more bearable.

The addition of Chicken Nuggets seems to be on par the season’s “it” food. From saucy to dipping, everyone is craving chicken nuggets.

Lastly, the 7-Select Zero Sugar Juice and Tea comes in several flavors. Options include: Zero Sugar Sweet Tea, Zero Sugar Kiwi Strawberry and Zero Sugar Fruit Punch. 7-Eleven prices these beverages at 2 for $2.50.

From the 4th of July holiday to summer travel, the brand understands that consumers want more. As a company spokesperson said, “7-Eleven strives to be the first choice for convenience for our customers – anytime, anywhere, including during holidays when other retailers might be closed. While exact hours of operation might differ from location to location, most 7-Eleven stores are usually open 24/7. In addition, through 7NOW and third-party delivery providers, we offer best-in-class delivery of food, convenience, and grocery items. Delivery via 7NOW is available throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing 24/7 delivery in about 30 minutes or less of over 3,000 products, including groceries, over-the-counter medicines, household goods, a range of food and beverage options including pizza and Slurpee drinks, beer, and wine, and more.” 

Whether it is that last minute ice run on the way to the party or filling up the backseat with all the snacks and beverages for that road trip, 7-Eleven has everyone covered. Now it is time to order that Personal Breakfast Pizza and get the day rolling.