ALDI California Heritage Collection is the ultimate value wine find

ALDI California Heritage Collection
ALDI California Heritage Collection / ALDI

While many people head to ALDI every week for the best finds, the ALDI California Heritage Collection will have people making a beeline to the wine aisle. Blending flavor, value, and variety, these bottles will be flying off the shelves.  

Time and again, ALDI proves that value is and always be part of the shopping experience. From weekly finds to classic brands, those favorite food and beverage choices have endeared the company to many shoppers. With the California Heritage Collection, shoppers might be pairing one of these bottles with that Mama Cozzi’s pizza or Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Thighs.  

Over the years, ALDI has impressed even the most critical wine drinkers with its robust offerings. From the person who is willing to roll the dice on a reasonably priced wine that he has never tried to the consummate wine drinker who scores a great deal, there are plenty of reasons to shop and shop often.  

Last year ALDI launched its Specially Selected Wine Collection, the idea was to offer premium wines but not charge a premium price. Describing the program, Director of National Buying, Arlin Zajmi said, “Whether it's the perfect expression of what Napa Valley has to offer, or an ancestral vineyard nestled in the south of France, the Specially Selected Wine Collection gives consumers a premium tasting experience without the added costs.”  

The California Heritage Collection includes nine different bottles that are priced under $5. From a buttery Chardonnay to a robust Cabernet Sauvignon, the varietals represent the best of the region. These specific offerings are intended to be approachable. In some cases, it might entice a person to skip that beer and grab a bottle of wine to enjoy with a pizza or that burger.  

Some people might see the correlation to the infamous “2 Buck Chuck.” While there may never be a $2 bottle of wine on the shelf anymore, a reasonably priced wine that is enjoyable to drink has an audience.  

Whether this new wine collection invites people to start to enjoy wine or is just a way to stretch the budget, many people will try one of the bottles. ALDI is betting that they will return to make another purchase.