Ancestry and Guinness help everyone to discover their Irish connections

Bagpipers playing music celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.
Bagpipers playing music celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. / Marcos del Mazo/GettyImages

On St. Patrick’s Day many people wear green or even eat some corned beef, but the one celebratory day can turn into something more. Thanks to Ancestry and Guinness, everyone has the option to trace their heritage back to the Emerald Isle.

According to the 2020 U.S. Census Data, over 38 million people identify themselves as a part Irish. Whether people can tell stories how their grandparents came through Ellis Island or people blend family history with a touch of lore, the reality is that Irish traditions and heritage have been mixed into the American melting pot.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the celebration can be more than enjoying a whiskey or toasting with a pint of Guinness Irish Stout. It can be a time to think about culture, history, and heritage. This year, Ancestry and Guinness are opening the book to this conversation.

Now through March 22, anyone can visit Ancestry’s website to discover if they have some Irish heritage for free. Blending stories and visuals, entering a grandparent’s name can open the book to a story to the past. By offering access to the Guinness’ archives, the richness of the stories, culture, and history makes names more than just words on a page. The photos can show a physical resemblance and the information can inspire people to go a little further into the past. That connection between past and present can be more than just a wee bit that comes out one day a year.

According to Todd Goddfrey, Vice President of Global Content at Ancestry, "With the rich history of Guinness, digitizing these records allows people to explore an entirely new side of their culture–no matter how much they currently know about their background. Our partnership with Guinness has been a decade-long endeavor and we are excited to bring it to Ancestry this St. Patrick's Day."

While this special St. Patrick’s Day offer from Ancestry is limited, the reality is that more people want to explore their heritage. It might explain while there is an uncanny ability to do a quick step or maybe there is a genetic reason why those “R’s” roll off the tongue so easily. In a world where people long for connection, discovering the who, what, and where from the past can offer better insight to the here and now. It does not mean everything is predetermined, but it is a little more scientific than looking at the stars to predict a better day.

This St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy a pint of Guinness Stout, slice off a piece of soda bread, and maybe tell a tale or two. Even if those lips have not kissed the infamous blarney stone, a little more blarney and a lot less baloney could make for a more enjoyable conversation.