Applebee’s brings back a favorite budget friendly beverage to everyone’s delight

Applebee's summer beverage menu
Applebee's summer beverage menu / Applebee's

While the monthly cocktail specials have had guests sipping from those big schooners, an Applebee’s favorite beverage is back just in time for summer. The DOLLARITA returns and everyone is thirsty for that classic sour cocktail.

Although some people might crave that Oreo cookie shake on date night, others prefer a little more potent potable to pair with their food. Whether served on the rocks or frozen, margaritas can pair with almost any item on the Applebee’s menu. There is something about that slight pucker with a hint of citrus which is always refreshing.

To kick off May, Applebee’s is bringing back the DOLLARITA. With more dining guests being acutely cost conscious, value pricing is a menu driver. From ordering a second beverage to making an excuse to dine out, again, offering food and beverages within a fixed price range is a deciding factor.

Speaking to the beverage offering, Nathan Grover, Executive Director, Bar and Beverage at Applebee’s said, “We’re bringing back everyone’s favorite $1 margarita just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Whether toasting with our classic DOLLARITA or sipping on our premium spirited Rock and Berry Rita or Breaking Rock Rita, Applebee’s has all your margarita bases covered. Grab your friends, order some drinks and appetizers – like our NEW Chicken and Bacon Loaded Fries – and sip your way to summer!”

The DOLLARITA is a big selling point for many people. It includes the classic tequila, triple sec, and lime for just $1. If guests want to upgrade the cocktail with an additional flavor, the fee is an extra 50 cents.

While the value margarita is a huge selling point, it is not necessarily a blank check to over imbibe. Still, it is a positive to allow people to choose to indulge without breaking the bank.

In addition to the DOLLARITA, Applebee’s is also bringing back its Cerveza and Sips. The two menu items, priced at just $5, are: Rock and Berry Rita and Dos Equis Brewtus draft beer. Additionally, the Breaking Rock Rita is just $9.

For those unfamiliar with the Rock and Berry Rita, the classic strawberry margarita is made with Dwayne Johnson’s signature Teremana Blanco Tequila. While it might not give guests the power of the “people’s elbow,” it does pack a punch.

Additionally, the Breaking Rock Rita is a combination of the Teremana Tequila and the Dos Hermanos Mezcal. The combination of smoky mezcal, floral tequila and sweetness from the blue curacao is an enticing flavor. The bold blue color might mesmerize, but the refreshing taste will have people coming back for another sip. Plus, the tableside pour always turns heads.

Applebee's chicken bacon fries
Applebee's chicken and bacon fries / Applebee's

What new food menu item pairs with the big beverage deals?

Since food and beverages are always the perfect pairing, Applebee’s is gearing up for summer with a hearty dish that is perfect for sharing. The new Chicken and Bacon Loaded Fries puts together two classics on a single plate.

The hot, crispy fries are topped with chicken tenders, melted cheddar cheese, bacon, house-made ranch, and is served with additional side of ranch. While the dish might not necessarily be labeled a shareable, it is definitely a big plate that might be perfect for splitting. As long as no one argues over the last fry, it should be a winner.

Adding such a big, hearty dish going into the summer time is a curious choice for Applebee’s. While some restaurants might lean into salads or other farm fresh fare, the Chicken and Bacon Loaded Fries feel like the ultimate indulgence bite. Even if people are looking to be beach ready, everyone appreciates a good cheat day.

The DOLLARITA, margarita offerings, and Chicken and Bacon Loaded Fries are available now through August. Check with local restaurants for availablity.