Chili’s Big Smasher crushes its burger competitors with bold flavor and satisfying value

Chili's Big Smasher with its signature fries
Chili's Big Smasher with its signature fries / Cristine Struble

Upon opening the door, the warm, “welcome to Chili’s” greets guests and sets the tone for a satisfying dining experience. With the Chili’s Big Smasher, the new burger innovation brings big, bold flavor and an exceptional value to the table. The casual restaurant brand is ready to raise the bar and guests are excited to get that first taste.

Certain food items are menu classics at Chili’s. While many people might hum a bar of that iconic “Baby Back Ribs” jingle or quickly turn their head as the iconic shake of a Presidente Margarita makes its way through a restaurant, the reality is that Chili’s has always emphasized its concept of “grill and bar.” Finding the balance between a great bite and a refreshing beverage has kept the restaurant brand successful over the years.

More importantly, Chili’s understands that value needs to flavor the food conversation. From the family dinner to the impromptu date night, guests want to enjoy more than just a tiny plate of food and a sippy cup sized drink for that specially priced meal. While some snarky grandma’s might have questioned the lack of beef between buns, that sentiment has never been nor will be part of the Chili’s conversation.

Finding a way to infuse value into its menu without losing the portion size or the commitment to bold flavors has been key for the Chili’s brand. With guests becoming even more vocal with their discerning palates and money spent, the casual restaurant brand has tried to stay above the curve. With the new Chili’s Big Smasher, the food brand is ready to throw down in a new version of those burger wars.

Chili's Big Smasher with chips and salsa
Chili's Big Smasher with chips and salsa / Cristine Struble

What is the new Chili’s Big Smasher?

When guests walk into a Chili’s restaurant or look at its menu, they are reminded that certain food choices are classics. They are burgers, chicken crispers, ribs, and fajitas. Although some may argue that its margaritas deserve to be a big part of the food and beverage conversation, that signature sour cocktail is a separate category.

Looking at the burgers, the classic OldTimer is always a favorite and the newer Alex’s Santa Fe Burger brings the spice. Now, a new option has people ready to see a classic burger combination in a new light. The Chili’s Big Smasher might have some people thinking about golden arches, but this flavor deserves more time to savor than a quick bite eaten from a brown paper bag.

As Chili’s first burger innovation in three years, the care and craft put into this burger is clear. Truthfully, it starts with the burger, itself. Instead of just throwing some beef on the grill, the double seasoned patty starts by letting the heat create a crust. As the cook carefully smashes the patty with the brand’s signature technique, every inch gets that flavor as it sizzles.

Once the cheese melts, the next step is for the burger to marry all the other ingredients. From the perfectly patterned Thousand Island dressing drizzle to the crunch from the pickles, onions, and lettuce, it is that tangy, unctuous, satisfying bite that people wish would come from their home grill.

The overlooked part of the Big Smasher is not the generous portion of half-pound, hand smashed patty. It is the buttered bun. That bun is the backdrop to ensuring that every burger bite perfection. From the tanginess of the sauce to the juiciness of the burger, the bun brings it all together.

While the Big Smasher might be a little thinner than the other burgers on the Chili’s menu, it is not lacking flavor. For the person who likes a little more surface area, a little more texture, and an easy to eat bite, this burger delivers on all those qualities.

Why is Chili’s bringing the Big Smasher to the 3 for Me Menu?

Recently, many diners have been vocal about food costs. No one wants to spend more than a tank of gas for food served from a drive-thru window.

The Chili’s 3 for Me Menu has been built on value for any and every diner. With a $10.99 starting price, diners get three food items with a side of welcoming hospitality. In a world where dining might not always be a valuable pleasure, this multi-course meal satisfies.

As George Felix, Chili's Chief Marketing Officer said, “We know diners are experiencing sticker shock from the rising cost of fast food, with little change to the actual quantity or quality of fast food combo meals. We believe that Chili's 3 For Me offers better value than you'll find in any drive-thru and, with the all-new Big Smasher burger, we just made the 3 for Me even better. We believe our guests can enjoy better quality, better pricing and a better experience every time."

Unlike other limited time, special offer enticements, the 3 for Me Menu is an every day value. From the new Big Smasher to the Crispy Chicken Sandwich to other favorite food items, guests can enjoy hearty meal for a reasonable price. Truthfully, the meal deal could be cheaper than ordering chips, salsa, a burger, and drink separately. Sometimes it pays to read menus carefully.

By focusing on its 3 for Me Menu, Chili’s sees a way to further connect with its guests. Since it is a brand that has always put guest experience first, value for food purchased needs to be part of that conversation.

People might want to ditch the dishes and have dinner served with a smile, but they cannot afford to overspend. By finding that balance, Chili’s scores a big win and keeps people coming back for more.

The new Chili’s Big Smasher burger is available now. It can be ordered as part of the 3 for Me Menu or on its own. Check with local restaurants for more information.