Arby’s Burger Driver knocks it straight down the fairway for Father’s Day

Arby's Burger Driver
Arby's Burger Driver / Arby's

Even though the popular quick service restaurant is known for the “meats,” Arby’s Burger Driver is not waiting for the 19th Hole celebration to tee up some delicious food. Forget the bland Father’s Day gifts and opt for a food choice that is a guaranteed winner.

Summer and golf go hand in hand. While a few people might munch on that pimento cheese sandwich while dreaming of a green jacket, others appreciate some spirited competition, maybe a birdie shot, and a great meal after 18 holes.

With some dads looking to hit the links for Father’s Day, Arby’s tees up a must have gift, the Arby’s Burger Driver. The custom-branded golf club is not found in stores, but it could be the most talked about club in the bag.

As Ellen Rose, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “Arby’s Burger Driver was made for our fans who love golfing almost as much as they love a juicy burger. We know that our burgers have what it takes to drive away the competition and put a little sizzle in fans’ golf swings, and now we can’t wait to see our new Burger Driver add some extra flavor to the fairway.”

Even if a hot, fresh Arby’s burger is not waiting at the turn, the quick service restaurant has found a creative take on staking its claim in the burger wars. With a little humor, Arby’s can drive home its message that its burgers are worth the trip.

Specifically, Arby’s has two burgers on the menu, the Arby’s Deluxe Burger and the Big Cheesy Bacon Burger. Both burger options are nods to classics. Served on brioche buns, the thick, juicy burger is topped with cheese, LTO, and a special burger sauce.

The Big Cheese Bacon Burger comes with six pieces of bacon. Even though another QSR brand touts its bacon supremacy, this Arby’s option captures that “we got the meats” sentiment in every bite.

After hitting the links, head to Arby’s for its burgers. Unlike some other QSR food offerings, this menu item delivers what it promises.