Arby’s gallops to the front of the pack with Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce

Arby’s Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce
Arby’s Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce / Arby's

While the fastest two minutes in sports might have some iconic food and beverages associated with the annual event, Arby’s is ready to win by a nose with its latest offering. The special Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce shakes up several pop culture trends in this unique offering.

Arby’s might be home to the meats, but those hearty sandwiches are even more flavorful with its special Horsey Sauce. Whether it is slathered on a bun or used as a dip, that bold kick of flavor cannot be beat.

Although Arby’s lovers will always be drawn to that Horsey Sauce, the quick service restaurant brand understands that it needs to remain current with food and pop culture trends. When it is time to give a little giddy up to that typical meal, they are ready.

The new Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce is a completely different spin on an Arby’s food. Sure, the bottle is a head turner, but there is something more to this offering.

The special, limited edition offering adds a Chardonnay note to the infamous sauce. Whether it is special for Derby Season or a nod to another infamous stage horse, people may not necessarily want to parse speculations. It really comes down to the taste. After all, does anyone buy a condiment just to have the bottle sit unopened on a shelf?

Adding Chardonnay to the Horsey Sauce could bring a little buttery or oaky note. It is unclear how the new flavor will make the favorite condiment more cravable. Everyone will have to add a some to their favorite Arby’s sandwich and see.

This special offering is not the first time that Arby’s has looked to the beverage aisle for inspiration. Previously the QSR brand partnered on a smoky bourbon to celebrate a menu launch. For those people who did not get a chance to enjoy that pour, they definitely missed out.

For anyone who wants to get their own bottle of Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce, they can head to The bottle sells for $16 and will be available for a limited time.