Astral Margarita is a stellar addition to the Cocktail Collection

Astral Margarita from Cocktail Collection
Astral Margarita from Cocktail Collection / Cocktail Collection

While the margarita might be a hugely popular sour cocktail, a well-balanced, simple version is often hard to find in the ready to drink space.  With the Astral Margarita, the Cocktail Collection shoots for the stars and exceeds expectations.

Ready to drink cocktails have become more popular. While the canned variety offers convenience, some people prefer to pour that libation into a glass for a more bar-like experience. That little extra step can heighten the sipping enjoyment.

When Diageo launched its Cocktail Collection, the brand looked to some of its popular spirits as the foundation for the concept’s launch. Building on cocktail trends, the ready to drink options put everything needed to enjoy a well-crafted cocktail into a single bottle.

By taking the guess work out of the process, people could focus on what really matters, enjoying a great beverage. Whether that cocktail is shaken in a cocktail shaker to get the perfect chill on the espresso martini or pouring the negroni over one large cube, the moment feels like a mixologist made drink, just without the need to fight the way to the bar to place an order.

Astral Margarita ready to drink cocktail
Astral Margarita ready to drink cocktail / Cocktail Collection

How does Astral Margarita fit into the Cocktail Collection?

The newest addition to the Cocktail Collection is Astral Margarita. While there are various ready to drink margarita options on the shelf, this version is a well-balanced sour cocktail. The combination of the flavors from the tequila with the bright citrus makes it an easy drinking libation.

One tasting aspect to this cocktail is the hint of tangerine. While lime is always a predominant flavor, the tangerine adds a juicy sweetness. It is never cloying, but it feels a little more rounded.

Given that hint of sweetness, it makes it easy to add a little heat to the margarita. For example, a simple Tajin rim or even just floating a sliced jalapeno in the glass for serving, the sweetness helps to keep the spice in check.

In addition, there is a hint of vanilla. Although it is subtle, that flavor seems to capture a tropical beach vibe. Not as pungent as sunscreen that fills the seaside air, it is that subtle nod to the escapism that can be felt with a margarita. After all, it is always 5 o’clock somewhere.

The Astral Margarita, made with Astral Tequila, is available in two sizes, four and eight cocktail pours. It can be purchased at various retailers and more information can be found on

The Astral Margarita is the sophisticated ready to drink cocktail. No matter what glass holds that libation, sipping this stellar beverage will have people floating on cloud nine.