Barbiecue Sauce makes people’s pink condiment dreams come true

Heinz Barbiecue Sauce
Heinz Barbiecue Sauce / Heinz

Even though the techno-colored Barbiecore world took over the conversation last summer, the concept will not fade. Heinz has entered the conversation with its Heinz Classic Barbiecue Sauce. But, will you have to travel a distance to snag one of these highly coveted bottles?

Pop culture continues to influence food trends. Beyond the food fashion that fills the closet, movies, songs, and other viral moments transform the flavors, ingredients, and recipes on the plate.

Color has long influenced how, what, and why people eat a particular dish. Although some people might argue about “real” colors versus technicolored offerings that are intensely vibrant, the reality is that everyone eats with their eyes. From the bold red that can indicate a juicy tomato to the lush green that suggests a crisp lettuce, all those colors infer the flavor that will be enjoyed.

When Barbie took over the conversation, many people longed to live in that pink world. Although there have been some questionable pink sauces on social media, the original Heinz idea was fictional.

Heinz Barbiecue Sauce
Heinz brings Barbiecue Sauce to the UK / Heinz

After the Heinz Classic Barbiecue Sauce conversation started a year ago, people were clear. They wanted that perfectly pink condiment in the real world. Many people emphatically said how they would do almost anything to bring that food to life. The brand listened, and it is here.

According to Thiago Rapp, Director of Taste Elevation at Heinz, “Barbie well and truly won the hearts of Brits all over again last year, and after seeing the reaction this sauce brought to our fans on social media, we knew we had to make it a reality. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and give our fans what they want, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring this iconic partnership with Mattel to life”.  

The idea brings the digital concept of the “Barbiecue Sauce” into the real world. To be clear, it is a vegan mayo with barbecue sauce. type of barbecue sauce, made with beetroot. How that ingredient influences the taste and texture remains to be seen.

Still, people will run to get a bottle. It could be used in so many ways. Hopefully, everyone will share some photos.

There are only 5,000 available on In addition, Tesco will offer the condiment starting on April 17 and Ocado and other retailers will sell it in May. There are limited bottles available.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring the Heinz Barbiecore Sauce to the U.S. But, if anyone from the UK or Spain wants to ship some bottles, many people would be happy to enjoy it.