Camila Cabello brings the heat with her I LUV IT Punch Bacardi cocktail

Camila Cabello Celebrates Her Partnership with BACARDÍ at the Miami Heat Game
Camila Cabello Celebrates Her Partnership with BACARDÍ at the Miami Heat Game / Miami HEAT /Kaseya Center

As her new track climbs the charts, Camila Cabello and Bacardi are shaking up the must have cocktail of the summer. Ready to sip on the I LUV IT Punch?

Good times, good vibes, and a great Bacardi cocktail go hand in hand. Camila Cabello, the new face of Bacardi, is ready to toast to the good life and encourage others to enjoy the moment. Celebrating the brand’s “Do What Moves You” campaign, this special cocktail will keep the dance moves grooving all night long.

For many people Bacardi has flavored endless nights and leisurely summer days. Whether the waves can be heard crashing on the sand or the city sounds fill the void, one sip of that classic rum can whisk any worries away.

Although the classic rum can be enjoyed simply in a Cuba Libre, many punch drinks bring that tropical note front and center. The combination fruit flavors capture the island vibe. It might not come with a little umbrella in the glass, but these libations are definitely feel like a party.

As the new face of the brand, Bacardi and Camila Cabello are celebrating her new song, “I LUV IT” with a specialty cocktail. During a recent Miami Heat game, the multi-talented entertainer could be seen sipping on the specialty cocktail.

While many people might have longed to sip alongside Camila courtside, Bacardi has graciously shared the cocktail recipe. Ready to bring a little punch to the weekend?

I LUV IT Punch Recipe


2 oz BACARDÍ Superior rum

½ oz St Germain liqueur

½ oz Passion Fruit Nectar

½ oz lime (juice of about half a lime)

1 oz coconut water

Lime wheel and toasted coconut flakes as garnish


Build all ingredients into a rocks glass filled with cubed ice. Give a quick stir to combine. Garnish with a lime wheel and toasted coconut flakes.

With this punch recipe, the use of coconut water creates a satisfying mouth feel with an added tropical note. Combined with the coconut flakes as a garnish adds to the nutty, fresh flavor with a hint of whimsy.

In addition, the passion fruit nectar brings a hint of intrigue. Although not necessarily as potent as some passion fruit cocktails, that added nuance makes the drink alluring. It is clear why everyone will love it. More importantly, the flavor will get everyone up and dancing.

More information on the Bacardi “Do What Moves You” campaign can be found on their social channels and other programming. The idea will focus on living life to the fullest. Camila Cabello is one of several artists who will be featured in the campaign.