Best Hard Iced Teas to sip all summer long

Lipton Hard Iced Tea
Lipton Hard Iced Tea / Lipton

Summer sipping is all about bright, refreshing flavors as well as convenience. It is time to put away the blender and enjoy a beverage that goes with any food served from the grill. These best hard iced teas deserve prime space in the cooler.

Iced tea is a summer beverage staple. While grandma might have allowed that sun tea to steep all day, others might prefer a more convenient option. Being able to open a bottle or can verses waiting and waiting has tremendous appeal.

While that ready to drink, non-alcoholic beverage is quite refreshing, some people might prefer a potent potable to enjoy with dinner or even just sitting by the pool. The rise in popularity of hard iced teas this season has showed that thirst for the particular beverage.

To be clear, these offerings are not that ill-advised Long Island Iced Tea that might have filled some college nights. These ideas are easy drinking, sessionable options that are light, refreshing and keep a tea forward flavor.

Ready to sip on the best hard iced teas this summer?

Lipton Hard Iced Tea - Citrus Green Tea

The newest flavor to join the Lipton hard tea line, the Citrus Green Tea is malt-based option. While the other flavors in the line have a touch more sweetness, this one highlights a bright, lightness as the slightly earthy green tea shines through.

The easy drinking Lipton flavor is perfect for a long day by the pool. At just 5% ABV, it is an easy drink that is enjoyable on its own or paired with a burger, hot dog, or even that ice cream dessert.

Surfside Raspberry Tea + Vodka

For people who prefer a grain spirit in their hard iced tea versus a malt base, Surfside has expanded its hard tea line. Joining the popular Peach Tea is the new Raspberry Tea + Vodka. The sweet, tart flavor works well with a summer cheese plate or even a simple pasta salad. Instead of another sangria, this option is a little more lively.

High Noon Vodka Iced Tea, Peach

Many people love High Noon. Just in time for summer, its new High Noon Vodka Iced Tea is a great option. With only 90 calories, it does not feel over indulgent.

Consider trying the Peach flavor to serve with some barbecue chicken or ribs. This flavor captures the juiciness of the stone fruit without becoming too sweet.

Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails Hard Tea – Blackberry

While berry flavors are often paired with iced tea, the Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails Hard Tea blackberry option is a great choice. Not quite as sweet as other berry options, the blackberry works well as a nighttime sipper. Instead of another slice of pie or scoop of ice cream, this hard iced tea is the perfect end to a big meal.

Flavortown Spiked Tangerine-N-Tea

A hard tea from Guy Fieri is never going to be bland or boring. This option brings a kick to the can. Made with Kenyan and Chilean teas, the base really brings the flavor. With  real tangerine juice, the clean, crisp citrus note balances all the tea flavors.

Arizona Hard Tea – Lemon

While many people grab that Arizona big can from the convenience store, the Arizona Hard Tea captures that flavor but adds a little extra. The lemon flavor has that hint of lemony pucker without going too extreme. It is a classic for a reason.

The hard iced tea trend is only continuing to grow and the crowded shelf represents those beverages’ popularity. These options are just a few of the many brands on the shelf.

Did we miss your favorite hard iced tea? Send us a note or tag us on social media with what you are sipping.