Best heart shaped pizzas that slice the love on Valentine’s Day

California Pizza Kitchen heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day
California Pizza Kitchen heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day / CPK

While National Pizza Day might be a reason to order a second pie, heart shaped pizzas are the perfect slice for Valentine’s Day. Which one makes your heart go aflutter?  

Hallmark movies and rom-coms might set the scene with candlelight, white tablecloths, and carefully plated dishes. Although those moments could make anyone swoon, some people might prefer to skip the hype and enjoy a favorite food with that special someone. A heart shaped pizza can be that perfect slice.  

Luckily, many pizza restaurants will be offering these love-full pies for Valentine’s Day. Whether that pizza is piled high with toppings or served simply with just cheese, it is hard to resist being served these hearts on the plate.  

California Pizza Kitchen 

Available February 9 through February 14, the classic California Pizza Kitchen seasonal offering is back. Any favorite pizza can be made on the thin, crispy crust.  

Donatos Pizza 

From February 10 through 18, Donatos is bringing back its classic heart shaped pizzas. The thin crust pizza comes with a single topping. It is priced the same as a medium pizza.  

Lou Malnati's Heart Shaped Pizzas 

A Chicago favorite, the signature deep dish with that delicious butter crust is back. Check with stores for availability. In addition, GoldBelly may have some ordering options.  


From February 9 through February 14, Marco’s will offer its heart shaped pizza. It costs just $9.99.  

Papa Johns 

Always a family favorite, Papa Johns is making its heart shaped pizza. Available now through February 14, the pizza is just $11.99.  

Papa Murphy’s 

The favorite take ‘n bake HeartBaker pizza is back at Papa Murphy’s. The large pizza is available in either cheese or pepperoni. The suggested price is $11.  

Peter Piper Pizza 

Joining the love pies, Peter Piper Pizza is serving its love pies. The starting price is $19.98. Also, every order of the heart shaped pizza will trigger a $1 donation to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  

Round Table Pizza 

This pizza chain does not want to be shut out of the love fest. Anyone who orders a large heart shaped pizza can get $5 off with the cost HEART5 at checkout.  

Ready to share the love this Valentine’s Day? After all, all you “knead” is love, right?