A better burger is all about this key ingredient

Brioche Burger
Brioche Burger / St. Pierre

What makes a better burger? Although the idea might not be quite as controversial as sandwich definitions or ketchup on a hot dog, one key ingredient can make or break a great burger.

Building a better burger might seem like a simple equation. Some people might think that it is a combination of the “meat”, toppings, and condiments. The perfect blend of flavors, the right amount of texture, or even the slight extreme spicy note that leaves a little tingle on the tongue are all part of the food conversation.

Even though all those ideas are important to the perfect bite, there is one item that cannot be overlooked, the bun. Anyone who has taken one bite only to have the whole burger crumble appreciates that a great burger requires a great bun.

Better burgers start with better buns

Picking the right bun for a burger is a combination of flavor and texture. For example, some people love a rich brioche bun while others want a hearty pretzel bun. Personal preferences should always take priority. But, there are some better buns that can make the whole eating experience just a little better.

Calise Bulkie Rolls

The Calise bakery has been around for 115 years. Known all around the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic, the food brand has a wide range of offerings. Breads, rolls, and even Torpedo Rolls have been family favorites.

Joining the Bulkie Rolls earlier this year is a sourdough option. The tangy sourdough bun’s flavor works well with a mushroom burger. Or, consider a burger topped with sundried tomatoes and arugula.

If the sourdough flavor does not hit the right spot, the Bulkie Rolls come in many other flavors. From potato to whole wheat, there is a flavor choice that will satisfy.

St. Pierre Brioche Buns

Many chefs love a brioche bun for a burger. St. Pierre makes a delicious brioche bun. This style of bun is eggy with a hint of sweetness.

With this particular brand, there is a pillowy texture that seems to allow all the flavors to meld together, but the bun does not fall apart. Whether served as is or slightly toasted, a brioche bun is quite versatile. The brioche bun is perfect for a classic, All-American burger.

Kings Hawaiian Rolls

While some famous faces love Kings Hawaiian Rolls for their sliders, the food brand works with all burger sizes. That sweetness helps to balance all the other ingredients.

From making a turkey burger feel a little richer to counter acting the spicy jalapenos on a Mexican inspired burger, there are plenty of flavor pairings that work well.

Pretzel Bun

While Wendy’s might be the quick service restaurant that uses a pretzel bun on its pub style burger, any home cook can borrow that idea for themselves. The pretzel bun is the heartiest option and is best served with big flavors.

For example, a bacon burger with Swiss cheese and even some grilled onions is perfect on a pretzel bun. Also, be thoughtful with how many toppings are included on a pretzel bun. It can turn into a huge bite that might need a fork and knife.

These ideas are just a few options for a better burger. It might seem silly, but the best burgers always have a better bun. Sorry, carb counters, but the bread makes for a better bite.