Beyond Meat unveils Beyond IV with a focus on the nutritional power of plants

Beyond Meat reveals Beyond IV recipe for burgers and beef
Beyond Meat reveals Beyond IV recipe for burgers and beef / Beyond Meat

From the family who wants an occasional food swap to the person who is committed to a plant-based lifestyle, Beyond Meat and its various offerings have become a staple in their eating choices. With the new Beyond IV, the food brand innovates its burger and beef recipe with a stronger focus on nutritional elements.

When plant-based food first hit the market, consumers lined up to get that first taste of a burger that felt, ate, and reminded them of a traditional beef product. It was more than just a substitute. That offering satisfies.

Over the years, brands like Beyond Meat have evolved. It is more than expanding its product lines to include more plant-based alternatives to traditional meat proteins. Each recipe looks to address what consumers want, a great tasting product that works within their balanced eating lifestyle.

Rolling out in retailers, the Beyond IV’s Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef were created in collaboration with medical and nutritional experts. The focus with this new recipe was to create a product that offered “high-quality protein, good fats, fiber and key nutrients.”

As Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat Founder & CEO said, “Beyond IV represents a transformative step forward in delivering plant-based nutrition to the consumer in the form of meat. The development of the new products occurred within an ecosystem of leading medical and nutrition experts, and were designed to meet the standards of national health organizations to create a product that delivers the taste, satisfaction, and utility of 80/20 beef – yet is demonstrably healthier. Every ingredient in this fourth iteration was thoughtfully selected to bring the nutritional power of plants – from the heart-healthy monounsaturated fats in avocado oil, to the protein and fiber in peas, red lentils, faba beans and brown rice. There is goodness throughout Beyond IV, and we are excited to pass along these benefits to the consumer.”

The biggest change in the recipe is the use of avocado oil. By using this ingredient, Beyond Meat was able to reduce saturated fat. In addition, the American Heart Association denotes avocado oil as a heart-healthy choice.

While some people will focus on the healthy eating aspect of the avocado oil, the ingredient has a textural and flavor component, too. The texture is more similar to the smoothness of a traditional meat product. More importantly, the avocado oil brings the meatiness of the burger forward. Given that taste is a primary driver in food swaps, that flavor is key to getting and keeping people eating Beyond Meat.

Lastly, the avocado oil impacts how the burgers or meat is cooked. Since avocado oil has a higher smoke point, the burgers can get that char on the hot grill. It is unclear whether these burgers could be served similar to a smash burger, but the avocado oil might help make that burger style happen.

The Beyond IV recipe can be found in Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef at retailers. More information on where to purchase or how to cook with these plant-based products can be found on the Beyond Meat website.