Blue Apron partners with Dan Pashman for the ultimate pasta meal kit

Blue Apron Pasta Pizza Meal Kit
Blue Apron Pasta Pizza Meal Kit / Blue Apron

Blue Apron has helped home cooks gain confidence in the kitchen. By simplifying the process, a great meal can go from package to plate efficiently. With a new partnership with James Beard Award winning Chef Dan Pashman, the Pasta Pizza meal kit has people looking different at two favorite family meals.

While pasta might be a pantry staple, the reality is that just another bowl of pasta for dinner can get the side eye from everyone at the table. Chef Dan Pashman appreciates that pasta can be transformed into flavorful, imaginative dishes. Even if the kids might adore the simplicity of buttered noodles, a two ingredient dish is not the only choice that families have to serve.

In collaboration with Blue Apron, the new Pasta Pizza meal kit is a mash-up that will have all ages asking for a second helping. It brings together the concept of a Detroit-style pizza and lasagna. For anyone who cannot decide on those favorite choices, the reality is that they can have both.

More importantly than the fun aspect of this idea, the flavor is bold. Embracing the swicy trend that seems to be taking over everything on the plate, the pasta pizza has a drizzle of hot honey and sopressa. While cooks can add a little or a lot of that hot honey, it is the sopressa that adds depth to the overall flavor. It is the ingredient that makes this dish special.

The meal is rounded out with a not-so-standard butter lettuce salad. This dish continues that sweet and spicy conversation with its pickled peppadew dressing. The salad is well balanced and helps to complete the meal.

In addition, the salad is a great recipe to add to any home cook’s repertoire. It is simple, but never boring, which is key to this whole Pasta Pizza meal kit.

Although the home cook might not have dreamt of Chef Dan Pashman’s concept, it invites a bigger conversation. Favorite foods can be combined together in innovative ways. If a family loves pizza it can be vehicle for new food flavors or ingredients. If pasta is a cost effective dinner, why not change how it is served. This new meal kit does what Blue Apron does best, inspires home cooks to get into the kitchen.

The Blue Apron Pasta Pizza meal kit, in collaboration with Chef Dan Pashman, is available to order now. It will be delivered the week of April 8th only. All orders much be placed by April 2 and are available via subscription only.