Buffalo Wild Wings adds new swicy sauce just in time for March Madness

Buffalo Wild Wings Honey Sriracha
Buffalo Wild Wings Honey Sriracha / Buffalo Wild Wings

With March Madness around the corner, Buffalo Wild Wings is heating up the menu with a new swicy sauce option. Ready for a taste of some sweet heat with honey sriracha?

Buffalo Wild Wings is gearing up for the bracket event of the year. Even though some people might be willing to put their favorite sauce up against other popular options in the battle for supremacy, food brackets are not the only competition on people’s minds in March. From basketball fans to people who do not know the difference between a dunk and a hook, the annual college basketball event is a time to grab a beverage, a plate of wings, and enjoy all the fun.

Embracing the swicy flavor trend, Buffalo Wild Wings is adding a new sauce, Honey Sriracha, and brings back the favorite Honey Garlic. That touch of sweetness with bold, savory notes is perfect on any of the iconic BWW wings.

The Honey Sriracha hits the perfect balance of sweet and heat. While the tingly flavor lingers on the lips, that sugary note leads people back for another bite. Since sugar tempers heat, the flavor is approachable. It will bring a little flush to the cheeks, but no one will need a glass of milk to put out this fiery flavor.

The Honey Garlic flavor returns to many people’s delight. The combination of sweet, soy, and savory is delicious. It is a classic combination but one that always satisfies. Plus, if there is any sauce left, drizzling it on the carrots and celery can ensure that no vegetable is left behind.

The two swicy Buffalo Wild Wings sauces are back on the menu starting today. Check with local restaurants for availability.