Shake Shack’s new swicy menu has everyone loving this secret ingredient

Shake Shack Korean BBQ menu
Shake Shack Korean BBQ menu / Shake Shack

When Shake Shack launches a limited time menu, people run to get that first taste. Even though that iconic sauce always satisfies, the new swicy menu featuring Korean inspired flavors has everyone asking for a second helping. In addition, one secret ingredient can be enjoyed at home, too.  

Available now for a limited time, Shake Shack’s Korean inspired menu items are bold yet still approachable. The options are Korean Style Fried Chicken, Korean BBQ Burger, Spicy Korean BBQ Fries, and Spicy Korean BBQ Cheese Fries.  

The burger and fries are both served with a Korean BBQ sauce. Although the restaurant brand would never share the exact recipe for this sauce, it is a tangy, sweet, spicy, and umami punch.  

At the same time it is approachable. Given that people are looking and wanting to explore flavor, the Korean sauce plays into that hunger. That first dip can start small and it might eventually turn into a heavy pour.  

Even more interesting is the kimchi seasoning. While a little seasoned salt can make any fries taste better, this seasoning could be a new idea that people could borrow for other foods. Maybe it is time to think about kimchi seasoning replacing everything bagel seasoning.  

While the burger and fries are always a Shake Shack staple, the Korean Style Fried Chicken captures the sweet, spicy, and tangy flavor while offering a variety of textures for eating satisfaction. As the soft potato bun gives way to the perfectly crispy chicken, it is a delightful bite.  

In addition, the chicken sandwich continues a trend that Shake Shack has done well, collaborating with food brands and giving them a wider audience. Over the years, the restaurant brand has offered various food businesses and chefs a spot on their limited time menus.  

On the Korean Style Fried Chicken, the sandwich is topped with white kimchi slaw, which features Choi’s Kimchi. The Portland based food brand is a small batch, family recipe, traditional kimchi. For anyone who falls in love with that ingredient, they can go and buy the product for their own home.  

Shake Shack might be embracing a food trend on its menu, but it is starting a bigger conversation. That first bite in the restaurant might be the spark that gets more people putting Korean ingredients and flavors on their home table.