Blue Moon Eclipse Sips bring a little sparkle to a favorite beer

Blue Moon Eclipse Sips
Blue Moon Eclipse Sips / Cristine Struble

While the highly anticipated Solar Eclipse might fall under the “once in blue moon” description, Blue Moon Eclipse Sips do not have to be just a fleeting moment. This idea sparkles whenever the beer mood hits.

From fun food promotions to specialty cocktails, everyone is joining the Solar Eclipse hype. Even if traveling to the path of totality proved to be cost prohibitive, that celestial moment can be celebrated anywhere. Plus, those other moments of jubilance can last much longer than four minutes and change.

Blue Moon Eclipse Sips uses its celestial inference to mark this special occasion. While the concept does not require any heavy lifting, it is a visual that will get people stopping and staring for a few moments.

As Courtney Benedict, VP of Marketing, Above Premium Beer at Molson Coors, “Blue Moon brightens any occasion, and the darkness of the total solar eclipse is a moment that could certainly use some brightening. Releasing Eclipse Sips for this historical event was the perfect way to remind beer drinkers of our signature brightness and introduce our broader Made Brighter campaign. Plus, ‘moon’ is in our name. We had to celebrate the occasion!”

To create this special Blue Moon Eclipse Sips, for those who did not get one of the kits online, it is simple. A little moon dust (aka gold shimmer) is all that is needed. Just remember, a little sprinkle is all that is needed. This idea is not like the sugar layer at the bottom of the mug that some people like in their coffee.  

While this special offering added a little extra sparkle to the favorite Belgium Wit Beer with its signature orange slice, the idea of enjoying that orange forward beer is not limited to one moment in time. Bringing brightness to any occasion is warranted.

As seen in the Made Brighter campaign, there are plenty of moments that deserve the spotlight. From a great meal with friends to an end of the week toast to a job well done, all of those moments are made a little brighter by enjoying the classic Blue Moon beer. Whether the table is filled with food or the beer is sipped on its own, there are plenty of reasons to open another bottle.

The Great American Eclipse might only last a few minutes or could be hampered by weather, but Blue Moon Eclipse Sips can happen anytime. Isn’t it time to embrace that “Made Brighter” moment every day?