BodyArmor Zero Sugar delivers the taste consumers want

Consumers want more hydration beverage options and BodyArmor Zero Sugar offers the flavor without the compromise. The Coca-Cola beverage company took the challenge and launched slam dunk flavors for a balanced lifestyle option.
BodyArmor Zero Sugar joins the line-up
BodyArmor Zero Sugar joins the line-up / BodyArmor

While many people appreciate the concept of staying well hydrated, the reality is that simple, plain water can be bland and boring. At the same time, people do not want to fill that glass with unwanted sugar and calories. With BodyArmor Zero Sugar, the hydration beverage brings all the flavor people thirst for and none of the extras that they seek to avoid.  

In the beverage world, certain categories have seen increased appeal. Although some negative connotation words have slowly disappeared from the conversation, the reality is that people want options that are low calorie, less sugar, and free from unnecessary additivities.  

The term “zero” has become the descriptor that many people gravitate towards. The idea of having a beverage that tastes similar to the original but has none of the unwanted extras holds a strong appeal. People do not want to compromise. Luckily, beverage brands have created that solution.  

With BodyArmor Zero Sugar, the brand took the challenge and nailed the solution. Across the four beverage flavors, the Coca-Cola owned brand sought to bring its signature taste to the zero-sugar category.  

Available in Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Orange and Cherry Lime, the flavors seem to be in direct competition to its significant competitor. When put in a side-by-side taste test, the difference is clear. BodyArmor delivers on a crisp, refreshing taste. Even though this beverage does not have coconut water or that same mouth feel as the other version, it is a category that captures the essence of the beverage without compromise.  

In addition, this version has significant potassium, magnesium, and less sodium than its closest competitor. The reality is that people study labels. Those differences, plus no colors from artificial sources, zero sugar, and zero grams of carbs, will have some people grabbing a bottle to try. The brand is betting on them enjoying it to make the switch.  

For example, the BodyArmor Fruit Punch flavor tastes very similar to the original version. More importantly, when compared to a competing brand, the fruit punch flavor feels cleaner, brighter, and more refreshing. Again, drinking it does not feel like anything is missing.  

The new Zero Sugar option comes on the successful launch of the BodyArmor Flash I.V. Rapid Hydration line. That launch came after a two-year hiatus from adding new products. It appealed to a particular segment which the brand had not addressed. In addition, it is a trending category.  

By adding the Zero Sugar line, BodyArmor rounds out its beverage options. By giving sugar avoiders an option, the company can not only keep current customers who are making lifestyle changes but also can capture a new audience.  

As the food and beverage world looks to adapt their products to trends and consumer preferences, it seems likely that more zero sugar options could fill the shelves. While BodyArmor started with four flavors, more could be added in the future.  

After putting forth the effort to lead an active, balanced lifestyle, the beverage in hand should not take away from those choices. BodyArmor Zero Sugar is a flavorful option that quenches a thirst without derailing the balanced lifestyle plan.