What does your Brach’s conversation hearts say about that sweet connection?

BRACH'S Conversation Hearts
BRACH'S Conversation Hearts / Brach's

Sometimes a few sweet words can convey that romantic connection better than a dozen roses, a tiny jewelry box, or an epic getaway. The Brach’s conversation hearts candy can make sharing that Valentine's Day sentiment easier.  

Some people might remember those first Valentine’s Day events in school. The little paper bags were filled with cards and notes. Whether the person who kicked the seat did something nice or the kid who never talked finally cracked a smile, it was a time where a few words really meant something.  

Over the years, it sometimes became harder to actually express those feelings. The fear of rejection or just the implication what those words meant turned a simple gesture into a life altering moment. But, it is time to get back to simplicity and break out the Brach’s conversation hearts.  

Recently, Brach’s surveyed people and asked about their favorite sayings on those conversation hearts. According to Chad Womack, Director of Brach's Seasonal Marketing at Ferrara Candy Company, “Conversation hearts are an important part of Brach's nearly 120-year-long history, beloved by many across generations and we're proud to continue this legacy in 2024. From classic to contemporary messages, and many delicious flavors and varieties, we know so many people love conversation hearts for their own unique reasons. We take great joy in creating these shareable, heart-shaped candies that spark moments of connection for so many every February.”  

What are the most popular Brach’s conversation hearts sayings?  

Given that Brach’s makes 8 million pounds of these seasonal hearty shaped candies each year, the food brand has some very good insight on what people want to read and what they want to give. Instead of a blurry, uncertain message, many people want to be up front with their sayings.  

According to recent survey findings, the top three messages are “Love You,” “Be Mine,” and “Kiss Me” (in order of popularity). Even though some modernized phrases have joined the bag, the traditional sentiments still are preferred. Some people might be slipping into those DMs, but they prefer to express that “Luv You” on the Valentine’s Day candy.  

BRACH'S Mellowcreme Roses Valentine's Day candy
BRACH'S Mellowcreme Roses / Brach's

While the classic Brach’s conversation hearts will always have a place in the holiday, Brach’s has added a new candy for this Valentine’s Day season. The Mellowcreme Roses candy are colorful and sweet. The new flavors, Frosted Sugar Cookie, Strawberry Cupcake, and Valentine's Day Party Punch, are sweet without being too cloying.  

Plus, these Mellowcreme Roses would make decorative items on other desserts. From cookies to cupcakes, the options are many.  

This Valentine’s Day send a sweet, traditional message to that special someone. Time is short and it is better to make sure those words are said before it is too late.