Bryson McGlynn, MasterChef Junior Season 9 winner, reveals his best finale dish, interview

Bryson McGlynn, MasterChef Junior Season 9 winner
Bryson McGlynn, MasterChef Junior Season 9 winner / FOX

After numerous highs and a few tears, the MasterChef Junior Season 9 winner did more than cook a $100,000 steak. Bryson McGlynn proved that a great cook can present a masterful meal at any age.

When Bryson first appeared on MasterChef Junior Season 9, many fans of the FOX television show had a feeling that the Southern chef would do well. He impressed the judges quickly with his ability to cook proteins.

Even though he had a few bumps along the away, those tears of frustration turned into a triumphant moment in the Season 9 finale. The excitement and joy in his win was heartwarming.

FoodSided had the opportunity to speak with Bryson McGlynn about his victory, his future cooking endeavors, and his food related nickname.

When asked why he wanted to compete on MasterChef Junior, Bryson said, “I really wanted to be on MasterChef Junior for two reasons. One, it's always been a passion for me to cook. And two, I always watched the show when I was younger.” Plus, cooking for Gordon Ramsay is a big motivation for any cook, no matter their age.

While Bryson wanted this unique opportunity, he is not a stranger to culinary competitions. But, competitive barbecue events are not the same as a Mystery Box or a restaurant challenge on this show.

Although it is not necessarily an easy comparison, Bryson said that the two environments are very different. While the portable kitchens at barbecue competition might be the visual difference, it is the timing that has a bigger impact. Bryson admitted, “you have more time in barbecue competitions than in MasterChef Junior.”

From the timing constraints to the pressure, MasterChef Junior had highs and lows for Bryson. Still, he never gave up on his goal.

He found courage and support from two groups. Specifically, Bryson shared, “one big one was, of course, my dad. I felt like he was always there. Not on set, but he was always there in my heart which always helped me out a lot.”

Additionally, his fellow competitors were a support. “All the cast, especially Michael and Remi, they helped me out a lot to persevere through all the rough times.”

Looking back at the season, Bryson revealed that his favorite challenge was a sweet one. “My favorite challenge was probably the dessert challenge. I'm not used to doing a lot of desserts, so it's really cool doing a dessert challenge.”

On the other hand, some challenges were not his favorite. It was a moment that had everyone talking this season. “The lima beans challenge was really hard and stressful. But, I thought that Chef Ramsay really lightened up during that challenge.”

MasterChef Junior fans appreciate how the show brings levity with delicious food. At the beginning of this season, everyone learned that Bryson has a nickname, Cheese Curd. Although the Southern chef might not be from the great Dairy State, he does love that squeaky cheese.

“One of my favorite ways of my favorite ways to eat cheese curds is to put them on a burger. It acts like cheese. When it melts, it tastes amazing. My actual favorite cheese curd would have to be the ranch cheese curds.”

Although cheese curds did not make an appearance in his finale menu, the meal did stay true to Bryon’s culinary point of view. Specifically he wanted to, “tell the story of when I was younger and I wanted to lead up from that first episode to this the finale.”

The judges appreciated his well-cooked wagyu and his connection to his Southern roots. The biggest surprise was his dessert. While it was topped with some gold leaf, the flavors were approachable and craveable.

Bryson commented, “I feel like my best dish had to have been the dessert because it showed a lot of finesse. That is what the judges said. I got to really show my Southern roots through that.”

After congratulating Michael and Remi on their accomplishments, the future is bright. Bryson has cooked the ultimate winning steak and raised the trophy in victory. He is looking ahead to help others discover the joy of cooking and food. “I'm doing culinary classes to help out some kids.”

Bryon’s parting words are simple, “follow your dreams.” Bryson McGlynn might be young, but he is wise beyond his years. The future is bright for this chef.

Want to catch up on MasterChef Season 9? All episodes can be streamed on Hulu.