Buffalo Wild Wings Luau BBQ fills a gap in its flavor menu

Buffalo Wild Wings Luau BBQ
Buffalo Wild Wings Luau BBQ / Buffalo Wild Wings

While America’s Sports Bar might be the perfect spot to watch all the action, the chicken wings can avert attention away from those screens. With the new Buffalo Wild  Wings Luau BBQ, the island flavor is the must-have taste for summer.

The BWW menu has a long list of flavors. While perennial favorites will always have a place on the table, innovative options and food trends keep the menu evolving. Even for the person who makes the restaurant their Saturday night tradition is tempted to make a special visit to enjoy the new flavors.

Hitting the menu for summer are two options. First, the new Luau BBQ features a sweet and smoky pineapple BBQ sauce. Although this idea might not necessarily be the same as chicken from the grill on the Big Island, it offers a taste of the tropics.

The slight smoky note with the sweetness of the pineapple is a great combination. Whether enjoyed on chicken wings or highlighted in a wrap, the flavor fills a gap on the menu. While there are plenty of spicy or even swicy options, this Hawaiian inspired flavor is different. It has nuance without venturing too far from the familiar.

A Buffalo Wild Wings favorite sauce returns to the menu for summer.

In addition to the Luau BBQ, Buffalo Wild Wings is bringing back Buffalo Ranch. While ranch is a chicken wings staple, the buffalo kick makes it bolder. The flavor is not too extreme.

Additionally, it is like getting a sauce and a dip in one bite. The ranch does not totally temper the buffalo flavor, like with a dip, but it is a more approachable spicy option.

According to Tristan Meline, Chief Marketing Officer at Buffalo Wild Wings, bringing Buffalo Ranch back was a direct response to guests’ requests. That flavor has and will continue to be a favorite.

While many people cannot wait to get a taste of those sauces, BWW is offering some great food deals for the summer. On Mondays and Wednesdays, guests can enjoy the All You Can Eat Boneless Wings and Fries for $19.99. The dine-in only offer has been well received.

Ready to place a Buffalo Wild Wings order? Will you order Luau BBQ or Buffalo Ranch first?