Busted brackets have basketball fans dipping into this food trend

Frank's RedHot Dipping Sauce
Frank's RedHot Dipping Sauce / Frank's RedHot

Round after round, the upsets are taking over the March Madness conversation. For basketball fans, all the heartache has them embracing a particular food trend to push away disappointment. It is time to grab the bowl and get dipping.

As many people have come to appreciate, food and sports go hand in hand. Whether it is the day at the ballpark or the food spread for the homegate, all the cheering, hand wringing, and every other emotion makes people hungry and thirsty.

Recently, Frank’s RedHot commissioned a “Dip Dive” survey. While Frank’s RedHot is that hot sauce that goes on everything, the brand has been looking beyond the flavor boost to food. With the new Dip’n Sauce and Squeeze Sauce, people have a more controlled eating experience and a little extra variety, too.

According to the Dip Dive survey, college basketball fans are all about eating snacks while watching the games. With 97% of people saying that they are snacking during the game, it seems that people need that food within reach. Whether it is chips, chicken, or even just some cheese, people are hungry.

More importantly, it is how people eat that is the interesting. Condiments are vital to that overall enjoyment. Whether it is a drizzle on pizza or even a dunk of a chicken wing, people want to boost the flavor of their favorite foods.

Since people want variety, the Frank’s RedHot Dip’n Sauce and Squeeze Sauce are great options to add a little extra to any favorite food. From a squeeze of Buffalo Ranch on pizza to some roasted garlic to amp up the flavor in a hummus, the possibilities are many.

Truthfully, a condiment bar on that food spread might be the best way to allow people to customize their options. For example, a plate of grilled chicken wings can be more versatile when guests can have a choice of drizzle sauces to make them spicy, swicy, or tangy.

The same can be said for pizza. It can be impossible to placate every person’s favorite pizza topping, but offering a variety of sauces for customization can make it more enjoyable. Maybe the idea could even turn the event into a whole contest. Could a winning flavor combination make that busted bracket a little more bearable?

No matter the outcome in the game, the real win is with food and flavor. Luckily, Frank’s RedHot has an option that scores with everyone around the table.