Frank’s RedHot expands its lineup with boldly flavored dips and squeeze sauces

Frank's RedHot new Dip'N sauce and Squeeze Sauce
Frank's RedHot new Dip'N sauce and Squeeze Sauce / Frank's RedHot

While Frank’s RedHot can make anything and everything bigger, bolder, and better, the popular hot sauce shaking up the eating experience. With its new Frank’s Dip’n and Squeeze Sauces, any and every food can get a little or a lot of that intense taste.

Although some people might take a cautious approach to their food seasonings, Frank’s RedHot chooses to kick subtly to the curb. Even the brand’s tagline is unapologetic. While saying it might have some people put a dollar in the swear jar, the concept is real. From chicken wings to eggs to a favorite cocktail, there are no shortage of uses for that iconic hot sauce.

At the same time, the consistency of the traditional vinegar forward hot sauce has some limitations. Some people prefer a thicker sauce that can act more like a dip. Others may want a precise, little squeeze to finish a dish.

Speaking to the new offerings, Valda Coryat, North America Vice President of Marketing at McCormick & Company, Inc. said, “The new Frank’s Dip’n and Squeeze Sauces let fans add the perfect balance of flavor and heat in a new way by dipping or drizzling as much as they want on any food. Not only are consumers experimenting with different hot sauce flavors, they’re adding it on a wider variety of foods from pizza to noodles. More Frank’s flavors means more versatility, and more ways for consumers to create their own unique signature combinations throughout the year.”  

Frank's RedHot Dip'N Sauce
Frank's RedHot Dip'N Sauce / Frank's RedHot

Ready to get dipping with new Frank’s RedHot Dip’n Sauce and Squeeze Sauce?

The new Frank’s RedHot product lines include: Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Ranch Dip’n Sauce, Frank’s RedHot Roasted Garlic Dip’n Sauce, Frank’s RedHot Golden Dip’n Sauce, Frank’s RedHot Sriracha Squeeze Sauce, Frank’s RedHot Hot Honey Squeeze Sauce, and Frank’s RedHot Creamy Buffalo Squeeze Sauce. As the list shows, these new offerings are more than just spice. It is about combining flavors for a new eating experience.

Looking at the Dip’n Sauce. The flavors are ideal for chicken wings, pizza, or vegetables. What easier way than to get people to eat another helping of carrots or celery than to boost the flavor.

Even though many people are all about ranch on pizza, the swicy flavor trends have people wanting more than creamy herb sauces. Any of these Dip’n Sauce would be great with that slice.

In addition, it could be interesting to work these new flavors in a barbecue offering. Although the Texas barbecue enthusiast would prefer to keep sauce out of the conversation, a little boost of that Golden Dip’n Sauce with some pork would easily stand up to the robust meat.

With the Squeeze Sauces, the flavors work well in both savory and sweet options. From avoiding a bland sandwich to boosting a taco, the possibilities are many. Plus, the thicker texture allows more control. Anyone who has mistakenly dumped too much sauce on a dish knows that downfall. After all, a bite should be balanced not a mouthful of sriracha.

More importantly, the Frank’s RedHot Hot Honey Squeeze Sauce would be perfect in a dessert. Hot honey continues to be a food trend. From a little drizzle on ice cream to even a topping on a brownie, the food pairing possibilities are many. Could a hot honey crème brulee happen? Only time will tell, but it could be the dessert that cracks open a new concept.

The new Frank’s RedHot items are available at select retailers and will be rolling out nationwide soon. Check with the brand and stores for specific pricing and availability.