Captain Morgan Sliced cuts through the RTD competition with bold flavor

Captain Morgan Sliced
Captain Morgan Sliced / Diageo

Many people are happy to stop, salute, and raise a toast to Captain Morgan. With the new Captain Morgan Sliced, the bold, refreshing RTD adult beverages bring a taste of the tropics to any and every location.

Over the past several years the RTD adult beverage market has grown tremendously. From malt beverages to spirit forward canned cocktails, many people want the convenience of being able to enjoy spirited refreshments whenever and wherever they please.

Captain Morgan has always embraced its sense of adventure. While some people choose to set sail to a tropical locale and sip a sweet cocktail on the sand, others may not want to venture too far from home. No matter the scenario, the classic spiced rum brings that flavor to each occasion. From the simple Cuba Libre to a high octane Hurricane, the Captain is a welcome presence.

Since that flavor is distinctive, the liquor brand understood that any RTD adult beverage that carries its name needs to capture the brand’s spirit. Although no one has to walk the plank to prove themselves worthy of that great taste, no one wants to plunge into the depths of a boring beverage.

As Laura Merritt, CMO, Diageo Beer Company explained. “We didn't just want to introduce another new canned drink – we wanted to slice through the ordinary with an offering that compliments the adventurous spirit of our consumers. Captain Morgan has always been known and loved for its bold flavor, and we're excited to shake up the category and introduce Captain Morgan Sliced to the world."

The new Captain Morgan Sliced comes in four malt based flavors. They are Pineapple Daiquiri Style Beverage, Strawberry Margarita Style Beverage, Passionfruit Hurricane Style Beverage, and Mango Mai Tai Style Beverage.

Looking at the four flavors, the Pineapple Daiquiri is a smart choice for Captain Morgan. Pineapple feels a touch exciting but it is different from other options on the market. Plus, the flavor pairs well with a wide array of food choices. From a spicy taco to a simple grilled chicken, the options are many.

Overall, the flavors are what people would expect from Captain Morgan, but they feel a little different. It is not a mirage in the distance where that thirst for a tropical delight can never be quenched. Captain Morgan Sliced is sitting on the shelf waiting to be captured.

Captain Morgan Sliced is sold in a 12oz, 12-count variety pack. Each can has a 5.8% ABV. The suggested retail price is $19.99.