Caribbean Princess has hidden gems that should not be missed

Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess
Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess / Cristine Struble

From the couple looking to make that love connection to the family hoping to make lasting memories, Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess offers a memorable vacation. While the ship offers a plethora of food, entertainment, and relaxation options, these experiences are the hidden gems that should never be overlooked.

Cruise vacations come in many forms. Some people want high adventure at sea. Others prefer quiet moments that exude soothing relaxation. Guests should set the expectations on what the ambiance and experience that they want prior to pushing the purchase button.

For guests on Princess Cruises, in particular the Caribbean Princess, the experience captures the hospitality that this particular cruise brand celebrates. From the bartender knowing your preferred drink when you arrive for that afternoon happy hour stop to your room steward ensuring the bed is turned down for a blissful night of rest, every aspect is considered, met, and even exceeded throughout the entire vacation.

Since there are a plethora of activities, dining options, and experiences on board, it can be difficult to fit everything into a finite amount of time. Some guests choose to book back to back itineraries on the ship. Although that concept might not necessarily be plausible for some people, it shows that the ship, and Princess Cruises, excels in providing a warm, welcoming experience on board.

Favorite spaces and activities on board Caribbean Princess

As the cruise brand’s many commercials tout, Princess Cruises is the original Love Boat. While episodes of the 70s television series can be streamed on the cabin’s televisions, no one is stuck in a time warp on board. But, the sentiment of connection, whether it is romantic love or another kind, is felt at every turn. It is at the heart of the company’s hospitality goals.

For example, one delightful way to start at day at sea is to have breakfast on the balcony, for guests with a balcony room. As the ship parts the waves, the eye is drawn to the seemingly never-ending water. Even as the white caps offer a break to the crystal blue waters, it is easy to look at the view versus stare at a screen.

Breakfast can be ordered and set up on the balcony. Whether it is a simple breakfast sandwich and coffee or something more substantial, the moment is a reminder to stop, be in the moment, and appreciate the quiet.

While breakfast might start the day, another hidden gem on board is the Princess Vines Wine Bar. Although some people might use the spot as an opportunity to order a glass of bubbles before dinner, it is also a wonderful place to enjoy wine and charcuterie. Whether sitting at a high top or enjoying a quiet table for two, it offers a simple meal that invites guests to linger a little longer. It is easy to say yes to that second glass of wine.

Wine is often flowing on the Caribbean Princess. As part of its formal night, the classic Princess Cruises Champagne Tower is a must experience. While it is important to get a spot early to see the pour up close, the gathering is a reminder that moments are meant to celebrate. Even though many people might pop bubbles to toast a momentous event, there is always an excuse to make an occasion special.

For guests who prefer a more laid back moment, the best spot on board is the Outriggers Bar. Many people might hope for a coveted chaise lounge in The Sanctuary, but the Outriggers Bar and the space around it on the back of the ship is the hidden gem that some guests might wish people never find.

From the bartenders who know your drink order on the second visit to the cool breeze that keeps the heat away, it is the exquisite space to let all the cares or worries fade away. Whether people strike up a conversation around the bar or have their own quiet moment sitting at one of the tables, it captures what it means to escape on a cruise ship.

And, for those who get a little hungry while enjoying that libation, Princess Cruises offers OceanNow. The on-demand, location-based delivery service can satisfy that French fry craving at the push of a button. There is no need to leave the chair or pause reading that book. This food option is another example of Princess Cruises' commitment to exceptional hospitality.

While every guest will have their own opinion on the best hidden gems on board the Caribbean Princess, the Princess Cruises ship will have everyone falling in love with the overall travel experience.