Caribou Coffee launches an iced beverage menu expansion just in time for summer

New iced beverages join the Caribou Coffee menu
New iced beverages join the Caribou Coffee menu / Caribou Coffee

While the summer heat can make people thirsty for an iced cold beverage, that refreshing sipper is not limited to just one season. Caribou Coffee recently expanded its iced beverage line up to include 11 new options. Ready to drink the day away?

Although coffee brands will never let the classic brews stop percolating, the java forward beverages are sharing space with other caffeinated items as well as fruit forward choices. Whether the guests crave variety or just wants a sweeter sip, food brands and restaurants need to ensure that there is at least one option on the menu.

After years of scaling back menus for simplicity, restaurants are embracing variety. Even though the beverage list might be expansive, there are often common flavor and ingredient connectors that tie together the new offerings.

Recently, Caribou Coffee announced that it is adding 11 new iced beverages to its menu. While the expansion is a refreshing way to start the summer, it is more than just a seasonal, limited time offer. Broken into two distinct beverage lines, the drinks bring a hint of whimsy while still offering approachable flavors.

What new iced beverages are a highlight of the Caribou Coffee menu?

The two new Caribou Coffee menu beverage lines are Fruit Shakers and Energy Drinks. Both items represent a trend in the coffee restaurant world. Many people want that caffeinated boost but in a sweeter format.

Looking at the Fruit Shakers line, the Coconutmilk base gives the beverage a luscious mouth feel. Without being overly sugary or even dairy forward, the Shakers almost feel like an indulgent dessert. For the person who wants more robust flavor with a fruit forward beverage, the Caribou Coffee option is a great choice.

The Fruit Shakers come in three flavors, Strawberry, Peach, and Berry Punch. Each one combines the fruit with vanilla flavor. In some ways, it feels almost as if the beverage captures a fruit and cream dessert concept, without becoming too heavy.

The most interesting idea is the Peach option. Peaches and cream are a classic yet it is not often captured in the beverage space.  For Caribou Coffee to highlight this flavor combination, the decision is a smart one.

In addition to the Fruit Shakers line, the Energy Beverages combine fruit flavors with a burst of effervescence. The bubbly component of the drink adds to the drinking enjoyment and keeps the flavors from becoming too cloying.

The Energy Beverages are: Blue Raspberry Energy, Peach Mango Energy, Strawberry Pineapple Energy, and Pomegranate Acai Energy. While some younger guests might crave that vibrantly colored, slightly sweet Blue Raspberry option, the Strawberry Pineapple choice might be the most creative combination.

While strawberry is often paired with tart or tropical fruit, the pineapple adds a burst of excitement to the traditional berry. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a lemonade flavor, it excites the palate and adds to the idea of being an infusion of liveliness.

In addition to the iced beverages, Caribou Coffee added some new food to its summer menu. The items include Glazed Donut and a Strawberry Shortcake Pop. It might be nice to enjoy that Strawberry Pineapple Energy with the Strawberry Shortcake Pop on a sunny afternoon.

The new food and beverage items are available now. Check with participating restaurants for more information.