Carvel debuts Oatly non-dairy frozen desserts to the menu

Carvel partners with Oatly for the first plant-based frozen desserts
Carvel partners with Oatly for the first plant-based frozen desserts / Carvel

While many people grew up with Fudgie the Whale and that iconic soft serve, food preferences have changed and Carvel is ready to embrace more non-dairy frozen desserts. In collaboration with Oatly, the first oatmilk based menu items are now available.  

More and more people are looking for dairy alternatives. Whether it is the beverage poured in coffee or the liquid that makes that smoothie creamy, people want variety and choice in the plant-based food market.  

In addition, it is more than just one or two options. Desserts are equally as important. People want to be able to enjoy a sweet treat, no matter their food preferences.  

By collaborating with Oatly on the non-dairy frozen desserts, a wider audience can enjoy the creamy, sweet, delicious iconic Carvel desserts. Whether it is soft-serve on a cone or Flying Saucer Sandwich, everyone will be screaming to enjoy one of these new offerings.  

Speaking to the special offerings, Jim Salerno, Chief Brand Officer at Carvel said, “We are thrilled to bring Oatly products to Carvel. As The Original Soft Serve, we want to ensure guests enjoy the classic flavors and nostalgia of Carvel while we continue to innovate and expand to new guests. Oatly is the latest way we are breaking through to bring our guests a new offering we know there is a lot of excitement behind.” 

What are the new Carvel Oatly non-dairy frozen desserts?  

To launch this new partnership, the Carvel Oatly non-frozen desserts feature the following options:  

Oatly Strawberry Soft Serve 

Oatly Cookies and Cream Scooped 

Oatly Chocolate Peanut Butter Scooped 

Flying Saucer Sandwiches made with Oatly 

Frozen Dessert Cakes made with Oatly 

Looking at the options, it is interesting that strawberry is the soft serve flavor. It may not be the most popular flavor, but it should have a lovely fruity consistency with that creaminess that people want.  

The scooped flavors could entice a few people to try the non-dairy flavor options. Cookies and cream is often one of the most popular ice cream flavors. The chocolate peanut sounds like a favorite candy combination. Overall, it might be worth trying these two scooped options which make it feel like the non-dairy option is not a sacrifice. It is definitely a treat.  

Also included in this line are the Oatly Frozen Dessert Cakes. Whether people want a Cookie Puss or that Fudgie the Whale, they can have that iconic dessert that everyone knows and loves. This offering is definitely a big step forward for plant-based desserts.  

The Carvel and Oatly collaboration will be available across the almost 300 shoppes. Check with each location for availability and pricing.