Casey’s wants you to be its new Chief Pizza and Beer Officer

Casey's Chief Pizza and Beer Officer job
Casey's Chief Pizza and Beer Officer job / Casey's

Whether it is Friday night dinner or stocking up before the big game, Casey’s pizza is a staple in many households. While that freshly made pie is always delicious, the classic food and beverage pairing, pizza and beer, takes it to a whole other level. Will the new Chief Pizza and Beer Officer serve the ultimate combination?  

Over the years, Casey’s has solidified its place as a leader in the pizza space. Even though the convenience stores might offer the one stop shop for the grab-and-go food and beverage options, it is the pizza that has made the company a legend. As the fifth largest pizza chain in the U.S., the freshly made dough, carefully selected ingredients, and innovative flavors that have made it the slice that people seek out.  

As the brand continues to evolve, it staked its claim as the official pizza and beer headquarters. Other pizza brands do not have the selection of food and beverage options that Casey’s offers. While that variety and convenience is impressive, the choices can have some people wondering. What is the perfect pairing? Enter, the Chief Pizza and Beer Officer.  

Speaking to this new position, Tom Brennan, Chief Merchandising Officer at Casey’s, said, As The Official Pizza and Beer Headquarters, Casey’s offers the unique ability to provide guests with craveable, handmade pizza and a variety of beer options to pair with it. With over 200 beer options and plenty of fan-favorite Casey’s pizzas to choose from, the Chief Pizza and Beer Officer will have their hands – and beer cooler – full. Great pizza deserves great beer, and the Chief Pizza and Beer Officer will play a key part in making sure Casey’s guests know about both.” 

Is the Casey’s Chief Pizza and Beer Officer the best job ever?  

As Casey’s looks to hire the Chief Pizza and Beer Officer, it asked a food and beverage expert for some assistance. Former NFL defensive lineman and well-known content creator and comedian Anthony “Spice” Adams is ready to lend his expertise to the search.  

Casey's Pizza and Beer
Casey's Pizza and Beer pairings / Casey's

According to Adams, “Tasting pizza and beer is fun – but it’s also serious work for this pizza and beer expert. After all, resting on the tastebuds and shoulders of this new position is the pizza enjoyment of millions across Casey’s Country.” 

Although the job listing has all the preferred skills and qualifications for this position, the applicants better know an East Coast IPA from a West Coast one as well as the most popular pizza toppings. More importantly, it is about finding some creative, innovative ideas that will get people talking. Suggesting a Busch Light beer with a breakfast pizza might be a good way to start a tailgate, but others might prefer an Elysian Space Dust with a veggie slice.  

While only one person will earn the position, many people should weigh in with their food and beverage preferences. Maybe it will discover a new pizza idea that could be the ultimate food trend. Could someone find a way to bring a dessert pizza with an oatmeal stout pairing to Casey’s?  

To apply for the Casey’s Chief Beer and Pizza Officer, check out their job posting. Or, maybe make your case on social media. Standing out in a crowd is always a slice above the rest.