Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch has the ultimate cheesy, tangy flavor

Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch
Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch / Cheez-It

The favorite cheesy snack gets a tangy flavor upgrade. Cheez-it Hidden Valley Ranch could be the most versatile snack food yet.

While Cheez-It might have taken made a huge impact on Taco Bell’s menu, the classic snack food understands that specialty offerings and limited time flavors bring excitement. Even though those square cheese crackers are crunchy, poppable treats, people want new flavor experiences.

Previously, the snack food brand had a Tabasco hot sauce inspired offering. That Hot and Spicy flavor had people feeling flushed about the limited time offering. Even though the spicy or swicy food trend has not been tamed, yet, Cheez-Its newest offering takes a different approach to food trends.

The Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch flavor is a direct result of the food brand watching how people chose to transform the snack. As Cara Tragseiler, Senior Brand Director for Cheez-It, said "We've seen fans mixing up their own blend of ranch seasoning-dusted Cheez-It crackers on social media, so we knew creating the perfect blend of cheezy and zesty flavors together was essential to satisfying their cravings. Much like our loyal Cheez-It fans, ranch lovers are seriously obsessed with Hidden Valley Ranch, so it was a no-brainer to infuse that fandom with our own to create a new, legendary cracker flavor."

Given that Hidden Valley Ranch can seemingly go with almost anything, this collaboration is a win win for everyone. Cheez-It fans get another option to enjoy their favorite snack. Hidden Valley Ranch fans get another food to enjoy their favorite seasoning.

Thinking about this snack, it might be a great idea to see how it pairs into a snack mix. While it might be better to avoid sweet combinations, pretzels, nuts, or even some sesame crackers would be nice. Something spicy might be a good contrast to the tangy ranch and cheese flavor.

Also, crushing the crackers to make a coating for a chicken breast would be a great idea. Who needs saucy nuggets when there’s a Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch could flavor that chicken.

The specialty Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch snacks will be available in July. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.