Chef Anthony Bar hopes Vanderpump Villa inspires people to discover this cuisine, interview

Chef Anthony Bar on Vanderpump Villa
Chef Anthony Bar on Vanderpump Villa / Hulu

While Vanderpump Villa might have served drama, Chef Anthony Bar understood his job was to satisfy the guests hunger for delicious food and stay above the fray. Looking back at the season, the talented chef hopes that viewers are inspired to enjoy a taste of French gastronomy and discover the deliciousness of the traditional French cuisine.

Tucked away in the French countryside, Vanderpump Villa was an enclave of luxury for the carefully selected guests. Even though it might have been a reality show, Chef Anthony Bar was not creating fantasy food and pretend plates. With culinary creativity and respect to the region, the talented chef not only wowed the guests but also the discerning Lisa Vanderpump.

Chef Anthony was excited for the opportunity that his show presented. Even though cooking with cameras is not typical nor was dealing with his fellow staff 24/7, he appreciated that not only the guests, but also the viewers, would get a taste of French gastronomy. He may had to consider guests' preferences, but the nuance, freshness, and sophistication of classic cuisine is a topic he wants more people to appreciate.

Although some of the dishes may not have been visual head turners, Chef Anthony knew that he delivered on quality flavors. With fresh, local, season ingredients as the foundation for each dish, he was able to curate menus that not only adhered to the guests’ preferences but also his culinary point of view.

In the end, the praise from the guests and from Lisa Vanderpump earned him a special bonus, presented at the reunion. He believes that his success stems from a motto that he follows, “value hard work.” It is not about being better than another person. Rather, Chef Anthony said he focuses on “working toward your goal.” When people see that dedication, it will be rewarded.

Chef Anthony hopes viewers will be inspired to discover French gastronomy.

While the Vanderpump Villa season is over, many people are looking to France, especially as the Summer Olympics is set to begin, for its culinary history, complexity, and deliciousness. Instead of rushing towards global brands, Chef Anthony encourages people to explore the history and culture of French cuisine.

As he told during an interview with FoodSided, “I am nostalgic for the traditional French food. Those classic, traditional French dishes do not have to change. It is time to go back to the roots and appreciate what we did before.”

While Chef Anthony might long for the younger generation to spend more quality time in the kitchen, learning the classic dishes and recipes from the older generation, he appreciates that many chefs, like himself, are willing to keep those traditions on the table. There might not necessarily be precariously plated towers of food, but the flavor makes an emotional connection that will never stumble.

Recently, Chef Anthony hosted a special pop-up event at Maison Close in New York City that showcased classic, French cuisine. From recipes inspired by the masters of French cuisine to offering a step back in time, the menu was elevated yet never dated. It goes to show that sound culinary techniques paired with fresh ingredients and seasoned with passion are a perfect balance for a chef-driven dining experience.

And, Chef Anthony encouraged everyone to keep those phones off the table. Even though people of guests would salivate over every tempting photo, he encourages diners to take a step away from the distraction. Just like traditional dining did not require the camera to eat first, he hopes that more people engage with conversation around the table rather than pushing buttons to share the moment with people who are not physically present.

While the doors of Vanderpump Villa have closed for the season, Chef Anthony Bar is ready, willing, and able to welcome curious food connoisseurs to his table. The step back in time is far from feeling dated or drab. Instead, it is a celebration that traditional, French cuisine is the foundation of delectable delights for a reason. It is time to reignite the passion for food that resonates with the body, mind, and soul.  

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