Lisa Vanderpump believes she created the ultimate team to win Food Stars, interview

Lisa Vanderpump on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars, Season 2
Lisa Vanderpump on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars, Season 2 / FOX

Although the FOX show’s title might mention her rival, Gordon Ramsay, Lisa Vanderpump believes her team will reign supreme in Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars, Season 2. During a recent interview, the business mogul revealed how she crafted the perfect team.

When people see the name Vanderpump, there is an expectation. Beyond her signature style, Vanderpump is an astute businesswoman. Her global restaurant empire features some of the most photographed locales and are highly coveted reservations. From the person who prefers to sip on a visually stunning cocktail at Vanderpump a Paris in Las Vegas to the electric SUR in Los Angeles, these dining establishments are more than gilded delights. There is substance and keen business decisions building the foundation to success.

Vanderpump is well versed in reality television. While her business empire and the television world can overlap, those two worlds do not have to be fixated on drama and scandals. The exposure that the screen offers can create buzz unlike any other marketing campaign.

After a successful first season, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars is back. But, the FOX reality competition is taking a different turn. Not only is one aspiring entrepreneur seeking the title and substantial monetary prize, but Ramsay is competing against Vanderpump. As seen in the promotional clip, Ramsay better hold on tightly, because Vanderpump is not backing down.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Lisa Vanderpump ahead of the Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2 premiere. During the candid conversation, Vanderpump revealed what she wanted in her team, the benefit from this exposure, and the personality trait that she believes is vital to success.

Even before FOX television viewers meet the potential contestants, the tone is set for Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2. The banter between Ramsay and Vanderpump is clear. When asked, Vanderpump said, “I may be the only person that can give him the business. But, I didn’t realize how much I wanted to win until I got into this competition.” It is true, there is an element that she really does want to beat Ramsay.

Given that they both have accumulated hundreds of episodes of reality television, they understand that standing firm, being vocal, and pulling out the best in people is vital not only for compelling television but also for the success of the people that they are mentoring. This concept might be a competition, but there are real businesses associated with these people. From the person who makes it to the finale to the unfortunate first elimination, it is more than just checking the boxes of completing a task and earning a win.

Speaking about the entrepreneurs, Vanderpump revealed, “I think that they understood the magnitude as they walked into this environment. It all looked very glossy and aspirational, but it is emotional. They knew that $250,000 prize and that their brand would be front and center the whole competition. It is a gift that rarely comes along.”

“We had some great people that saw growth. I never thought that they could have listened, taken the directive, taken the mentorship, and gone with it. It was pretty extraordinary to me.”

In order to get to the end, Vanderpump had to create a team that would earn a win in each challenge. When asked about how she created the ideal team to beat Ramsay, she offered this insight.

“We had to be strategic. I was looking for different people to cover all aspects of the potential challenges. I needed someone who would be confident in the kitchen. someone confident in presenting, or experience in marketing. I might not necessarily take someone on because of their product, but their history in building a business” showed potential.

Vanderpump admitted that the process was very challenging. She understands the tenacity that it takes for these entrepreneurs to create, pitch, and grow their business. But, this experience is more than building brand loyal, increasing sales, and maintaining a thriving business.

Specifically, Vanderpump alluded to the aspect that each person had to “survive in their own team.” While there were moments where each person “played to their own strengths for the team to win,” the balance between team effort and individual glory is precarious.

Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2
Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2 / FOX

The situation of being on a reality television show is unlike the real world. Vanderpump mentioned that she found it compelling how each person was able to be out of their environment yet showcase their passion.

She mentioned that “it was about stretching themselves and how they rose to the challenge.” Showcasing that ambition was a key factor to some entrepreneurs’ successes.

Even though Vanderpump referred to Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars as a type of business bootcamp, the entrepreneurs who stepped into this experience needed to have successful characteristics prior to standing in front of the camera.

Lisa Vanderpump says her Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars team has this quality.

One adjective that she used to describe some of her team members was “tenacious.” Regardless of whether she saw potential in the business, it was about the person and how they could pivot in the situation.

Specifically, Vanderpump said, “it was about the person, how tenacious they could be, how creative they could be, how they could think outside the box and how adaptable they could be.”

Although those characteristics do not necessarily form the perfect equation to become the Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2 winner, the reality is that these concepts are the foundation to success. They are attributes that Vanderpump employs in her own business endeavors.

Vanderpump shared this simple, yet profound statement, “I think that tenacity and passion takes you through a multitude of different kind of businesses.” She has one of the most photographed restaurants in the U.S., yet is continuing to expand her business empire by making well-informed, strategic decisions.

While some people might see Lisa Vanderpump on reality television and be envious of her glamorous lifestyle, it is more than a well-tailored suit that gives her the presence to take on anyone in and out of the boardroom. It is her determination and drive that will continue to fuel her success.

Pivoting is part of business. But, Vanderpump stands firm on one important aspect, learning from failure. “Know your mistakes. The ultimate failure is not an option, but look at your mistakes and think about learning from them.”

Lisa Vanderpump is ready to offer that sage advice, guidance, and mentorship to a new group ready to compete in Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2. Whether or not  Team Vanderpump triumphs over Team Ramsay will be revealed later this summer. Gordon Ramsay better be ready for the challenge.

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2 airs new episodes Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. Episodes can be streamed the next day on Hulu.