Caroline Byl brings her signature style to Vanderpump Villa’s culinary offerings, interview

Caroline Byl on Vanderpump Villa
Caroline Byl on Vanderpump Villa / Hulu

While Vanderpump Rules captivates viewers with interpersonal drama, Vanderpump Villa on Hulu brings the ultimate luxurious escape in the stunning French countryside. Carolyn Byl, the sous chef, believes that food, fashion, and flare are a recipe for success both in and out of the kitchen. During a recent interview with the chef and entrepreneur, Carolyn shared that her choice to stand above the fray is more than just the love of a great pair of heels.

Many people look at reality television as a taste of escapism. From the stunning locales that wealthy guests enjoy to the luxurious experiences that have people dreaming about the ultimate getaway, it is more than the staff relationships that have people devouring every minute. Even though the visuals are stunning, the cast has viewers watching every episode.

On Vanderpump Villa, the Lisa Vanderpump led show follows the staff of Chateau Rosabelle as they seek to create the ultimate vacation experience for their guests. Both front of house and back of house, live and work together. Although there may be some similarities to the popular Below Deck concept, this French countryside locale can have more ups and downs than the waves during a big ocean storm.

Carolyn Byl is the sous chef at Chateau Rosabelle. As Chef Anthony’s right hand, the talented, yet outspoken chef, tries to find middle ground amongst staff’s precarious relationships. With the goal of providing the ultimate guest experience, Caroline appreciates that food and flavor does not need to be tinged with any bitter feelings.

During a recent interview with Carolyn, she revealed what it was really like to live and work at Chateau Rosabelle, her feelings about burnt croissants, and the real reason why she wears heels in the kitchen.

Given the unique situation of living and working with all the hospitality staff on Vanderpump Villa, Carolyn shared that she was comfortable with the fast pace and sprinkling of drama. Specifically, she mentioned that she has worked both front of house and back of house in a restaurant. That knowledge helped her to navigate all the complications.

From working as a chef in a kitchen to serving guests at the table, she said that she is “comfortable in every environment.” While she admitted that there were times when lack of sleep could be difficult, she preferred to try to focus on what she could control.

One moment that might be remembered in the history of reality television was the season’s infamous burnt croissant episode. While a touch of tiredness might have caused that thoughtlessness, Carolyn was surprised by her co-worker’s choice.

Carolyn said, “it was not a reaction that I would expect from my coworker, Marciano, who knew that I was so jammed in the kitchen. I was trying to prepare something magical for the guests. But, his reaction was one that did not necessarily surprise me. I would have loved him to be a gentleman in this scenario, but it was revealing about his personality.”

Although Marciano might have had a more bristly personality, Carolyn fostered a great relationship with Chef Anthony Bar. She explained, “I came from a private chef background and Anthony works as an executive chef in a restaurant. I was under his command throughout the show and I think that it worked beautifully.”

“We both had the passion and wanted to satisfy Lisa Vanderpump. Meeting her expectations was the priority. Even though it was challenging, we shared the same sensibility and were able to work together well. There was an unspoken communication between the two of us and we were a great match.”

That ability to work well together came through in the food presented to the guests. Every impeccable meal was lavish yet still approachable. From visually stunning plates to carefully crafted concepts, the food was always superb.

While that relationship between the chefs was vital to creating magnificent menus, Carolyn describes herself as an intuitive chef. Although not necessarily a term often used in the culinary world, the concept is more about how she is able to adapt to any or every guests’ whims.

Carolyn explained that she loved her job at Vanderpump Villa because it was constantly changing and evolving. Similar to why she loves being a private chef, the ability to create and adapt to each person’s preferences is key to keeping her culinary point of view fresh. She might describe it as intuitive but others can see it as adaptive.

No matter the descriptive word used, Carolyn Byl is a force in the kitchen. Her first moment on Vanderpump Villa, where she mentioned cooking in heels, set the tone for her point of view.

Although not necessarily the most common fashion choice in the kitchen, Carolyn has a very specific reason for her stylish footwear preference. She shared, “I have always had a thing for heels. It feels good and it can be a power thing. I always want to be inspired in the kitchen and I never want to lose my identity. It is a way to bring both worlds together.”

More importantly, Carolyn said, “I want to show women that they can be whoever they want to be. The culinary world can be very strict, but I want to show people how we can expand on that. When I feel good and I cook, I know the energy will bring a flavorful meal to the table.”

While Carolyn might have a bold look in the kitchen, it is her flavors on the plate that impress all the guests. As she shared, “cooking is about love. You pour your heart into it and you create memories.” Blending curiosity with purpose ensures that every meal is one that lingers in the mind for days, months, and years to come.

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