This chef hack for stuffed burgers is the ultimate flavor boost

Jalapeno, bacon and cheddar stuffed burger on the grill.
Jalapeno, bacon and cheddar stuffed burger on the grill. / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Burgers are a summertime, grilling staple. Instead of topping that patty with tons of condiments, stuffed burgers pack all the flavor inside. This chef hack is the recipe secret everyone will want to master.

As the charcoal heats up and the flames rise, the anticipation for a juicy, flavorful burger grows. With the perfect bun waiting to hold that deliciousness, one question remains, do you put that cheese in the burger or on it?

Stuffed burgers, like the infamous Juicy Lucy, put the cheese inside of the burger. Instead of hoping for that perfect melt without overcooking the meat, the cheese inside the burger keeps the bite juicy while also packing in a lot of flavor.

Recently, Thomas Wenrick, Tyson Foods Chef & Director of Culinary shared some easy to master tips that even the novice griller can master. With a little thoughtfulness, that dinner will be talked about long after the plates are cleared.

Ready to slice the cheese for the stuffed burger?

A great stuffed burger starts with the cheese. While flavor is imperative, the type of cheese matters. No one wants a molten mess in that first bite, nor does anyone want a cold cube disrupting the enjoyment.

Wenrick suggests that both the texture and flavor need to be considered. First, the cheese needs to stand up to high heat without becoming absorbed by the meat. For example, American cheese might be a staple, but that single slice might disappear into the burger. A heartier sharp cheddar or even a gooey gruyere can be good choices.

The cheese does not stand alone

Additionally, the cheese does not have to stand alone in the center. Just like toppings and condiments come together to create a perfect bite, ingredients can blend together inside a burger.

From onions and Havarti to cheddar and bacon, there are plenty of combinations. Flavor profiles are vital. Spicy to savory, think about preferred tastes and put them in every bite.

The ultimate chef hack to the perfect stuffed burger

No one ever wants to eat a dry, crumbly burger. One of the reasons why people enjoy stuffed burgers is because the cheese center keeps every bite juicy.

The ultimate chef hack adds a little extra to the cheese. Using some bone marrow in the center not only adds an unctuous note but ensures that every bite is moist and luscious. It might be a tad bougie, but everyone will rave about the flavor.

These chef tips are just a few ideas to make better stuffed burgers. It is time to light the grill and get cooking. Just remember to have some extra napkins on hand to keep that shirt clean.