Chipotle brings back its first global menu innovation

Chipotle brings back Chicken al Pastor
Chipotle brings back Chicken al Pastor / Chipotle

While many people have their favorite Chipotle order, one ingredient has been missing on the menu. To fans delight, the first global menu innovation is back. Ready to place that order for the Chicken al Pastor?

Over the years, Chipotle fans have shared numerous menu hacks. From perfecting the quesadilla to maximizing the food order for value, everyone has a way to make that bowl or burrito even better. From sauces to flavor combinations, people who cannot get enough of that freshly made food are always vocal about their preferences.

When the popular Chicken al Pastor exited the menu, guests were not happy. Many took to social media to express their views. Luckily, Chipotle listened and the favorite menu item is back.

As Chris Brandt, Chief Brand Officer said, "About one in five transactions included Chicken al Pastor when it was featured on our menu last year. Given the performance and the fans wanting its return so enthusiastically, we are thrilled to make this the fastest item to ever come back to Chipotle.”

Ready to order enjoy Chipotle’s Most Ordered Chicken al Pastor Bowl?

To celebrate the Chipotle al Pastor’s return to the Chipotle menu, the restaurant brand has simplified the ordering process with the Most Ordered Chicken al Pastor Bowl. Going back to 2023, when the food item debuted, this combination of ingredients topped the ordering list.

Now available via a push of a button, the Most Ordered Chicken al Pastor Bowl features: White Rice, Black Beans, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa, Cheese and Guac. The reason why this bowl resonates with so many people is because the flavors are balanced. There is a brightness from the salsa and a sweet, spiciness from the roasted chili-corn salsa. With richness from the cheese and guac, it hits all the flavors that people want.

While the most ordered item is back, guests can choose how they prefer to enjoy the chicken al pastor. Whether they prefer pinto beans to black beans or skip the cheese, there are plenty of ways to order it. The chicken can stand up to a variety of ingredients or it can be enjoyed more simply. That versatility is why so many people love it.

To celebrate the return of the Chicken al Pastor, Chipotle is offering $0 delivery fee on Chicken al Pastor orders from March 14 till March 28. Check out Uber Eats for more information on this offer.

The return of the fan favorite Chipotle menu item is another example of the power of the guest. It goes to show being vocal on social media is more than just shouting in a vacuum. Food brands are listening.