Chobani Cereal Oatmilk showcases the flavor versatility of the sweet beverage

Chobani Cereal Oatmilk
Chobani Cereal Oatmilk / Chobani

As oatmilk becomes more popular, food brands are looking for ways to increase the flavor options. With the new Chobani Cereal Oatmilk, the sweeter beverage expands the possible uses.  

Plant-based milk has taken over the beverage conversation. It is more than just having choices beyond the traditional dairy beverages. Some versions were made to enhance the coffee drinking experience. Others focus on flavor. Chobani is looking beyond chocolate or vanilla. It takes on a flavor that resonates with the child in everyone.  

The new Chobani Cereal Oatmilk captures that simple indulgence of drinking the sweet beverage that is the treasure at the bottom of the cereal bowl. Without having to pick up that spoon, the beverage captures that flavor.  

While oatmilk has a luscious mouthfeel, it is the slightly toasted note and hint of graham that makes the flavor satisfying. The sweetness is still apparent, but it is that inherent cereal-like taste that comes through in every sip.  

The new Chobani beverage came from crowd-sourcing opinions from the Chobani Cafe. Given the fan feedback, the food brand ensures that it gives its customers what they want. It will be interesting to see if the company continues to use consumer feedback to influence new products.  

Thinking about the Chobani Cereal Oatmilk, it has a myriad of uses. For coffee, it makes it feel like that sweeter sip. Whether drunk hot or iced, it feels a little more indulgent.  

For overnight oats, it enhances the flavor and texture. Whether combined with fruit, nuts, or even some chia seeds, the flavor feels indulgent, but it is not a heaping spoonful of sugar.  

Lastly, it might be best used in some dessert applications. A simple icing or drizzle for a cake could be the biggest surprise enjoyment.  

The Chobani Cereal Oatmilk can be found at various retailers. Check with stores for availability and pricing.