Cinnabon brings back a fan favorite Chillatta Blended Beverage

Cinnabon Churro Chillatta
Cinnabon Churro Chillatta / Cinnabon

While the warm, cinnamon flavor from a freshly baked cinnamon bun is hard to resist, Cinnabon’s Chillatta Blended Beverage can satisfy that sweet thirst. The fan favorite Churro Chillatta has returned to the menu and guests are running to get that over the top beverage.  

Whether people get one gigantic cinnamon roll smothered in that sweet icing or buy a couple treats to share, the stop is not complete without a beverage. Some people might opt for a coffee, but the Chillatta’s are the indulgent choice.  

When the Chillatta launched in 2017, the beverage came in five flavors, Signature Cinnamon Roll, Strawberries & Cream, OREO Cookies & Cream, and Double Chocolate Mocha. Today, fewer options are on the menu. 

The Churro flavor was a limited-time offering in March 2020. While that initial offering was short-lived, it was very well received.  

The return of the Churro Chillatta has many people excited not only about the flavor combination but also the idea that the beverage is two treats in one. Since each one is served with a Churro garnish, everyone can dip, eat, or enjoy it however they choose. Although the churro will never be a straw, it could be the new edible spoon.  

Plus, the beverage definitely makes a statement for the social media share. Sometimes sharing a craveable treat is the perfect way to make everyone have a little serving of FOMO. 

The Churro Chillatta is available now for a limited time. A 16 oz beverage is $5.29 and the 24oz is $5.79. It is unclear how long the beverage will be available.