Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes combines immersive storytelling and classic refreshment

Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes campaign
Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes campaign / Coca-Cola

While the classic Cola-Cola melody helped to keep the world in perfect harmony, the new Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes offering hits a crescendo with its powerful imagery, message, and fandom connection. The unexpected experiences soar to new heights.

In a recent company announcement, the new 360 campaign seeks to engage both Marvel Universe fans and Coca-Cola beverage drinkers. From the packaging to the commercials, the iconic characters jump off the storylines and invite people to see them in a new light.

Available now, the new can designs will be featured on both Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. According to the beverage brand, 30 Marvel heroes and villains are featured in 38 designs across the various offerings.

As Islam ElDessouky, global head of creative strategy and content for Coca-Cola Trademark, said “Coca-Cola has a long history with Disney, and it’s exciting to have a relationship that encourages and enables us to continue to push ourselves and our relationship to new heights creatively.”

Although there have been moments where certain releases and promotions have leveraged product placements, it is more than just a can on screen. It is an invitation for consumers and fans to let their imagination and creativity soar. Granted, the “normal” person does not have the superpowers of a Marvel character, but they can channel that hero within to dream bigger, act bravely, and overcome any obstacles.

According to Mindy Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships, The Walt Disney Company. “Our corporate alliance with Coca-Cola uniquely positioned us to develop something remarkably innovative within the industry.  We took the traditional marketing paradigm and redefined it in the best way possible. The result is an unprecedented campaign that taps into the power of the Marvel Universe – which is heading into its 85th year of beloved characters – and tells stories in a way that can only be done when Coca-Cola and Disney come together.”

Check out a new commercial from the Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes campaign.

The commercial captures that imaginative, adventurous, anything is possible Marvel Universe world. Even though comic book images may not come to life in the real world, the idea of allowing the mind to wander, dream, or even just escape has value.  It is one of the reasons why sitting in a darkened theater watching a story on screen captivates.

Part of this Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes collaboration includes specially designed cans and an immersive AR extension on the Coca-Cola website. As seen through its Coca-Cola Creations line, the beverage brand has leveraged the AR element to showcase that beverages are more than just refreshment. Popping open that bottle, letting the bubbles escape, and enjoying every sip taps into all the senses and allows the drinker to open their mind to what can be possible.

More information on this collaboration can be found online. The specially marked cans will be available nationwide and globally.