Cracker Barrel Golden Carolina BBQ Tenders hit the menu with a special twist

Cracker Barrel Golden Carolina BBQ Tenders
Cracker Barrel Golden Carolina BBQ Tenders / Cracker Barrel

While some people crave a serving of those warm, flakey biscuits or love a hearty breakfast any time of day, a new menu item brings a new flavor to the table. For guests hungry for a taste of the new Cracker Barrel Golden Carolina BBQ Tenders, placing that order is a little different.  

Many of the food items on the Cracker Barrel menu have a nod to comfort food. Both young and old have an appreciation for chicken tenders. Whether smothered in sauce or dipped bite by bite, the crunchy, crispy coating gives way to tender, juicy chicken.  

The new Golden Carolina BBQ Tenders feature Cracker Barrel’s version of the regional BBQ sauce. Generally, a Carolina sauce is vinegar forward. Based on the description, this version is tangy, sweet, and mild. Given the golden color, it should have a touch of mustard.  

Since the meal is served with two Country Sides and either buttermilk biscuits or corn muffins, one idea is to turn those tenders into an open face sandwich. Consider slicing open the biscuits and putting the tenders on top. Whether enjoyed with some cole slaw on top or enjoyed with a heaping helping of mashed potatoes, the meal is one that will definitely satisfy.  

While many people would happily place an order of these chicken tenders at the local restaurant, Cracker Barrel is taking a different approach to the launch. The first taste is available for DoorDash DashPass Members and to-go guests. Whether it is a Saturday night dinner or a feast for the big game, the dinner will get cheers all around.  

As Cracker Barrel Vice President of Culinary, Thomas Yun said, "Fans of Cracker Barrel and sports alike have a lot to look forward to this season with the release of our new bold and tangy Golden Carolina BBQ Tenders. We released these early exclusively for DashPass by DoorDash members and Cracker Barrel to-go and catering guests to enjoy for all the big sporting occasions on the horizon." 

As part of the menu launch, Cracker Barrel is offering DashPass Members an additional $6 off meal orders every weekend in January. The offer is $6 off any $40 order.  

The new Cracker Barrel Golden Carolina BBQ Tenders start the year off with flavor. Hungry for that first taste?